Types of undead

Death is not always the end for living beings on Tegai. There are several ways for beings to come back from the death. Some more complete than others.

True undead

A True Undead is an undead being that came back as a complete being, or a being that is more than it was when it was alive. To create true undeads, a skilled Necromancer is required. There are four types of True Undead depending on how they came back.


Liches are the rebirthed body of a necromancer, either with the original soul or infused with a new soul. Liches are the hardest types of undead to get rid off, as the necromancer often is the one creating their own lich.


Wights are the beings created by body necromancers. They are almost indestructible. They are linked to their necromancer and will expire when the necromancer dies.


Reborns are the beings created by soul necromancers. They are the original souls reborn into a new body. The new body is equal to the former body of the reborn soul and has the same weaknesses. A reborn werewolf will die to a silver blade just as easy as a normal werewolf.


Mummies are revived corpses whose soul never left. They are made in a ritual where the soul is trapped in its body after death, often by removing several organs that could cause passing, like the heart, brains and liver. These organs are trapped in boxes or jars outside the body, but will continue to function like they are still inside. The destruction of these organs is often the only way to get rid of a mummy. While mummies are made all over the world, the practice is most commonly practiced in Guptha, where dead pharaohs are often made into mummies.


Zombies are created through the take-over of a dead body by an outside organism. The most common creators of zombies are the ophiocordyceps fungi, the so called Zombie Virus, the body animators and the shambling sickness. While zombies can spread quickly and be very dangerous, they are also quite easy to deal with by organized militaries and powerful beings. Even with this being the case, some unmapped islands have been overrun.


Ghosts are the disembodied souls of dead beings that stay on Tegai. To keep a soul together without a body on Tegai’s surface requires a lot of spirit force and only a limited amount of people are able to do this. There are multiple types of ghosts, each with their own properties.


Spectres are the souls of powerful druids that are able to keep their souls together through pure willpower. They often chose to remain on Tegai rather then passing to the afterlife, and will sustain themselves by tapping Spirit Force from living beings.


Revenants are strong ghosts that are able to keep their soul together through pure hatred. Extreme emotions can empower the production of Spirit Force, and Revenants are some of the few types of ghosts that can keep their soul together purely on their own Spirit Force production. After their hatred subsides through appeasing or revenge, they commonly pass on


Onryo are spirits of great sadness and anger. They take the spirit force of living beings that enter their domains. They often drain people of Spirit Force to the point that they destroy their souls. Some especially powerful onryo like to play with their victims.


Poltergeists are ghosts that link themselves to a single group or individual and feed on their Spirit Force to survive. They often play pranks and call for attention from the living.


Wraiths, Shades, Spirits or Shadow people are the most common types of ghosts. They are often not completely sentient, as they are simply the leftovers of soul from a violent death or a particularly stubborn individual. Many are harmless, though not all, so one is advised to be careful and get an exorcist to remove them.

Living Skeletons

Living Skeletons are skeletons that are reanimated by necromancers or gods. They are mindless puppets and often easily dispatched.


Draugr differ from other undead in that they are revived by users of Khaospower like the gods. Some are mindless, others are not.


Jiangshi are called the vampires of the undead. Like Vampires suck the life’s blood from living beings, Jiangshi consume the souls and spirit force of other undead to survive. In rare cases a Jiangshi will try to attack a living being when cornered or desperate, but this is very uncommon. The easiest way to create a Jiangshi is to take the corpse of a vampire and revive it with an already dead soul. If you do this with a proper seal, the resulting wight will become a Jiangshi. The creation of Jiangshi is most common in Mandaria where they serve as precautions against ghosts.


While often confused with ghosts, Phantoms are different in that they do not contain an actual soul. Phantoms are pure spirit force manifesting. The most famous Phantoms are will o’ wisps which manifest as tiny balls of light. But more humanoid phantoms are also not unheard off.


Deathwalkers are an uncommon type of undead, but very powerful. Deathwalkers are those that at the moment of their death had enough power to fight off the reaper. They defeated the being that came to guide their soul to the afterlife and reclaimed their body and life in the process.