Nymphs have their fair share of culture heroes. Some only belong to one subspecies, others are renowned in the entirerty of Nymphoma. The Nymphs were for a long time considered semi-mythological beings by the human empires. Many of their great heroes are still considered mythical beings to the great empires. In some places where humans do not grasp the nuances of matriarchal society, they are even seen as foreign goddesses because they can not fathom mere women performing these deeds.

The Pitchfork Girl

The Pitchfork Girl is a cultural hero of the Nymphs. The Pitchfork Girl’s real name and much of her origin is unknown. She was a farmgirl belonging to the Air Nymphs. During the Thunder Nymph Uprising, the Air Nymphs sided with the Thunder Nymphs. The Force Nymphs sided with the Light Nymphs and General Meikasan the Cruel was dispatched with an overwhelming force to defeat the Air Nymph forces. Meikasan decided that defeat meant eradication. During the genocide The Pitchfork Girl spotted General Meikasan and stabbed her pitchfork into the General’s throat. She was immediately cut down by the General’s bodyguard, but her act was the end of General Meikasan. She became a symbol for the entire uprising. When the uprising was won, she remained a hero of Nymphoma.

Lazalik the Sailor

Lazalik the Sailor was the Admiral of the great combined Thunder and Water Nymph fleet that Nymphoma send out during the great famine. She successfully navigated the seas, won a naval battle against the Orcs and established several profitable trade deals with the Amazones of East and West and the Vampires of Vamania. It is still heavily debated whether Lazalik was a Thunder or Water Nymph. In official records, Thunder, Wood and Fire Nymphs refer to her as the Thunder Nymph Lazalik, while Metal, Water and Acid Nymphs refer to her as the Water Nymph Lazalik. Earth Nymph records tend to just avoid the issue by referring to her as the Great Hero Lazalik.