Fantasy Mafia

The Fantasy Mafia is an organized crime empire active all over the known world. They specialize in contracted killings, smuggling, illegal gambling, slave trade and kidnapping. They have ties inside every government and are to powerful for any one nation to take on. They are often left alone, with only token efforts being made to apprehend members. It is rumored that the Fantasy Mafia started as a cult of the goddess Ai.

The Black Rabbit

The previous leader of the Fantasy Mafia, called the Black Rabbit, was rumored to be a brother of the shady Lord Timmo of House Thomas, but this was never proven. There is very little known about the Black Rabbit. Even his name remains a secret. Only three events are certain, his rise to power, his raping of Claudia Sosola and his mysterious death.

Usaria Sosola

Usaria Sosola is the daughter of the Black Rabbit and a Latsian slave girl named Claudia Sosola. Little is known about her as she purposefully keeps a low profile. She is sometimes nicknamed the Bunny. She was educated by Lord Timmo of house Thomas, strengthening the suspicion that the Black Rabbit was his brother. It is said that she killed her own father to take control of the fantasy mafia, others say she was put in place by a larger force. All that is known is that her rise was followed by a general purge of the ranks.

Bianca de Wit

In life Bianca was the loyal enforcer of the Black Rabbit and a very skilled organizer. Bianca was feared across the known world, but one day she disappeared. It has been suggested she was poisoned by other members of the mafia that wanted her position. When Usaria became leader, she needed someone like Bianca and somehow managed to revive the woman as a draugr. Now Bianca faithfully serves the Bunny, like she did the Black Rabbit before her.

Felicia Florian

Felicia Florian is a Vamanian vampire in direct service of Usaria. She is rumored to be the mysterious Vampire Strongblood only known as the Leech. The fantasy mafia employs several vampires, but Felicia is the most likely candidate for her power and close relation to the mafia’s leadership. Felicia is responsible for the bloodtrade. The bloodtrade is a very lucrative smuggling operation that imports high-quality blood into Vamania for the vampire elites.

Black Tie

Black Tie is a loyal agent of the Bunny. Black Tie is a mysterious figure that not much is known about. The agent is known for their skill at torture and negotiation. Few people have seen Black Tie, but those that did never describe it as a pleasant experience, if they describe it at all. The only description of Black Tie that ever became known to the public is of an orange-haired well-dressed person with a black tie, which is where the name came from. It is not even certain if this description is correct as the one that gave it was already in a state of dying. It is even called into question if the Black Tie is even a single entity. Black Tie might also be a group, duo or not exist at all.

Spick and Span

Spick and Span are a duo of assassins that leave no trace of their victims. As such it is hard to pinpoint the number of kills they have made. Because they don’t leave a single trace, no law enforcement can begin to build a case against them. Their identities too are disputed, but the most common theory is that Span is Suliana Elenoa, a Seemountian girl that has been confirmed present in the city during multiple disappearances linked to Spick and Span. The identity of Spick is even more contested but the most likely candidate is the Arician noble Maria Fina who vanished from public life soon after the first cases linked to Spick and Span.


Karn'ahktor, also known as Horsecrusher, is an unusually smart male orc. Where in orcish tribes it is often the females that lead, Horsecrusher was smarter than the females around him and forcefully took control. His tribe was quickly cast out by the female-lead tribes because of this, and Horsecrusher instead joined the fantasy mafia, where his tribe, now named the rabbit's feet, became the bodyguards of the Bunny.

Bald Billy

Bald Billy is the accountant of the Fantasy Mafia. Little is known about his origins or even his real name. What is known is that he is one of the greatest mathematical minds of a generation. He publishes many mathematical proofs under the pseudonym of Leporidae Immaculata. This name means Rabbits are Perfect, and is probably a way for him to honor Usaria. It is rumored that he is married to Bianca de Wit which might be why the Bunny puts so much trust in him.


Lavender is the organizer of the female-only version of the famous Ultimate Beatdown illegal fighting tournament held by the Fantasy Mafia each year as a way to recruit members. Lavender’s true identity has been confirmed as Park Min Rin, a Mandarian girl from Serrea. She is one of the most public faces of the Fantasy Mafia. This often makes her a target for politicians and lawmen trying to show off their zero-tolerance on the mafia. Somehow none of these campaigns ever stick as she seems unarrestable.

Julchen Maria

Julchen Maria is an albino woman from Sachsmacher. She has an own power that gives her amazing healing abilities. Not interested in healing for the sake of healing, she sells her services to the highest bidder, which in most cases is the Fantasy Mafia.

Illyana Kavovic

Illyana Arkadyevich Kavovic is a Soffurian woman from Yeti Hunt. She is the leader of the Gravediggers. A branch of the Fantasy Mafia responsible for getting rid of corpses. She is a necrophile and has an unhealthy obsession with dead things. She is often simply called the Gravedigger by other members of the Mafia, as her name became a taboo.


Gray is a powerful magician from Anglos. He was unable to rise in his own country because of his lack of inherit magical power. He however showed an unbelievable skill in the use of magic artifacts. He is employed by the mafia to collect and distribute magical items that can serve the mafia's greater ambitions.

General-in-Chief Lucilia Afer

What makes the Fantasy Mafia extra dangerous is that they have a proper standing army that rivals that of the smaller nations. Lucilia Afer is the leader of this army. Afer is a Latsian woman that could not rise in the army because of the Empire’s inherent misogyny. She left the legions and joined the Fantasy Mafia when they offered her the rank of mayor. She continued to rise to the rank of General-in-Chief after this. She is a rude spiteful woman, but loyal enough to not be a threat to the Bunny.