Historically important battles

Daily many battles, big and small, are fought all over Tegai. Here is a quick overview of some of the most important ones.

Battle of the Iceline

Mandarian invasion of the isles


-Anglosian Fleet

-Moonian Fleet

-Normian Raider Alliance

-Mandarian Fleet

-Dogshead Pirates

-Sailors of Boema

-Several other Pirate fleets


-Adm. Pascal Kyou

-Adm. Redmane

-Ojl. Henriette Liv

-Adm. Zhou Ling-Po

-V-Adm. Xiang Chou †

-Cpt. Ermelan †

-Cpt. Johan de Grote


Victory for the combined Normian, Moonian and Anglosian ships.


Start of cooperation between what would become the Brineinan Union. Loss of the Mandarian advantage in the invasion. Notable pirate Captain Ermelan was arrested by Admiral Pascal Kyou and executed along with 30 of her crew.


While initially being pushed back by the Mandarians, the battle turned when one of the Normian ships sunk the ship of Vice-Admiral Xiang Chou. After seeing one of the commanders die, Captain Johan de Grote of the Sailors of Boema fled with his fleet. This caused a general retreat of the hired privateers. The Mandarian fleet was then forced to retreat after a full magic bombardment by the Anglosians. In the retreat the Dogshead pirates of captain Ermelan were surrounded by the Moonian fleet of Admiral Pascal Kyou and forced to surrender.

Crushing of Resival

Zilver-Macherian Holy War


-Macherian Third Fleet

-Macherian First Fleet

-The Zilver Fleet

-Red Fleet of Frysk

-Frary Personal Guard Fleet


-Adm. Heinz Kuch †

-V-Adm. Klaus F. Brechtmann

-Resival (Divine)

-Adm. Hendrik Viets

-Adm. Sjef Donnia †

-Cpt. Sir Arnold Frary

-Jankul (Divine)


Decisive and overwhelming victory for Zilverrijk


Effective end of the war between Zilverrijk and the Kingdom of Macher which lead to the full annexation of the latter by the former. Full credit of the victory given to Jankul, solidifying the popularity of Jankul, Lennie and Boema as permanent additions to the Zilveric Pantheon. Incorporation of Resival into the Zilveric Pantheon.


After 134 years of war, the Zilver Fleet managed to corner two of Macher’s three great fleets. They called upon all of the Zilveric ships in the area to come join them in the battle. Only Admiral Sjef Donnia’s Red Fleet and the personal ships of Sir Arnold Frary made it in time to participate in the battle though. The Macherian Third Fleet managed to board the Zilver Fleet’s flagship. Admiral Hendrik Viets is said to have fought beside Jankul herself in the ensuing battle. In the Chaos, Admiral Sjef Donnia took charge and crushed the Macherian First Fleet at the cost of his own life. Seeing as everything was now hopeless for the Macherians, Admiral Heinz Kuch challenged Admiral Hendrik Viets to a duel to decide the battle. Hendrik accepted. Hendrik was given Jankul’s axe while Heinz was given Resival’s sword. Hendrik killed Heinz, resulting in a surrender of the Third fleet. This battle was later called the Crushing of Resival, as it was seen as a great battle between the gods Jankul and Resival in which Resival lost everything.

Final Battle of the War Elves

Royal-War War of Elves


-Royal Elf Army

-Royal Elf Cavalry

-Royal Elf Royal Guard

-War Elf Army

-War Elf Cavalry

-War Elf Warlord Retenues


-Hero Queen Leanol

-Gen. Erak Makato

-Warlord Megharo †

-Warlord Kelmar †

-Warlord Ermelan †

-Warlord Lovis †

-Warlord Parthuna


Ultimate Victory for the Royal Elves


After this battle the War elves effectively disappear with the exception of a few individuals, allowing the Royal elves to conquer their city and thus the founding of Älvenheim. 


The battle is shrouded in myth and legend, and little is known about the actual battle. All that is known is that the War elves were completely destroyed and that the Hero Queen killed 4 out of 5 warlords. The final warlord was taken prisoner and made a slave of the Hero Queen.

Battle of Vignar

Second Allegi-Lats War of Allegoyan Aggression


-Allegoyan Royal Army

-House Jones

-Battle Priests of Ursa

-The Natavonian Tribe Wolftamers

-The Natavonian Tribe Flying Snakes

-Latsian Imperial Army

-The Vignarian Guards

-Pupian Horseman

-Several Mercenary Bands


-King Steven Torat II

-Gen. William “the Hunter” Torat

-Dame Madeline “Swordbreaker” Jones

-Priestess Miranda Smith

-Chief Bullhorn Wolftamer †

-Chief Walks-with-bears Flying-snake

-Emperor Marcus Draco Telaminus Vignarian Dux Augustus

-Consul Marcus Julius

-Praetor Dux Aurelius †

-John the Archer †


Pyrrhic victory for the Latsian Empire


The Latsian Empire lost to many troops to effectively continue the war, making the Allegoyans able to regroup and conquer Vignar. The Emperor would out of spite built an exact copy of Vignar within his territory and claim that Old Vignar is a fake.


The battle of Vignar took place at what is now Old Vignar. The Allegoyan general William the Hunter would, with the help of the Natavonian Chief Walks-with-bears Flying-snake, lure the Latsian legions into an ambush. Many of the legions troops, including Praetor Dux Aurelius, commander of the Pupian Horseman, would die in the initial battle. The battle however turned after the Natavonian Wolftamers, lead by Chief Bullhorn Wolftamer, were all killed and the Allegoyans would end up retreating in an orderly retreat lead by Dame Madeline Swordbreaker. The Emperor send his mercenaries lead by John the Archer to pursue the Allegoyans. The Battle Priests of Ursa decided to stay behind to cover the retreat and Priestess Miranda Smith would challenge John to single combat. John agreed, but lost. The other Mercenaries were then convinced to change sides with promise of better pay. Though technically a Latsian victory, they lost to many troops to continue the war effectively.

Battle of the First Human Alliance

Elixia-Revenex war for the remains of Axel


-Elixia’s Retinue

-Western Amazonian Army

-Arician Supporting Army

-Revenex’ Retinue

-Southern Amazonian Army

-Northern Amazonian Remnants


-Princess Juna Elixia

-Gen. Ember Lenex

-Col. Stuart Zima †

-Queen Terak Revenex †

-Gen. Maris Theanox

-Lt.-Mjr. Ferdina Amaxel


Decisive Victory for the Western Amazones and Aricians


After the southern queen died, Crown-Princess Thea Revenex took the throne. She was much more opposed to war with the Western Amazones and started peace negotiations immediately. After his death in the battle, Col. Stuart Zima, who lead the Arician Supporting Army, was both the first male and first human to receive the honor of the golden pin of Exilia. One of the highest military honors among the Amazones. The peace saw the remnants of the Northern Tribe being evenly split between the Western and Southern Amazones. Ferdina Amaxel and her troops would be accepted into the Western Tribe and assigned a mission to establish an Amazonian outpost near Nymphoma.


The battle came after a series of defeats for the Western Amazones. Out of desperation, they sought an alliance with the humans to turn their luck. The Aricians accepted and send an army to support Princess Juna. The Arician commander Colonel Stuart Zima was killed by an arrow from the enemy general Maris Theanox. Causing the princess herself to take charge of the Arician support. With her Arician soldiers, the Princess penetrated deep into the right flank of the Southern Amazonian Army, managing to kill the Southern Queen. Lieutenant-Major Ferdina Amaxel, who lead the Northern Amazonian Remnants that had been forced into the Southern Army, decided to take her forces and switch sides, crashing into the left flank. With both flanks decimated, the center routed and the Southern Amazonian Army had to surrender the field.

Battle of Nymphii Aerovio

The Thunder Nymph Uprising


-Air Nymphs

-Force Nymphs


-Mayor Belanamon the Unready †

-General Malenel of the Cavalry †

-Elder Belanis the Good †

-General Meikasan the Cruel †

-Captain Lazalian the Executioner


Complete victory for the Force Nymphs


The Air Nymphs were completely slaughtered by the Force Nymphs which lead to their extinction. The city of Nymphii Aerovio was left a ghost town, allowing the Acid Nymphs to move in. After the death of General Meikasan, the Force Nymphs were forced to rely on the much less capable and unexperienced Captain Lazalin for the rest of the war. The Pitchfork girl would become the greatest nymph hero till Lazalik the Sailor took her spot.


The Force Nymphs surrounded the city of Nymphii Aerovio and its surrounding areas during the beginnings of the uprising. They decided to completely wipe out the Air Nymphs before they could join up with the Thunder and Fire Nymphs. Thanks to their centralized nature and delayed mobilisation, the Air Nymphs were an easy early target. General Meikasan’s soldiers slaughtered every Air Nymph they could find. The General Malenel and Mayor Belanamon attempted a counterattack, but were defeated and killed. When everything became hopeless, Elder Belanis the Good rallied the remaining Air Nymphs for a last stand. Everyone from the homeless beggars to the richest woman took up a weapon with Belanis and made sure to sell their lives at the highest possible cost. During this last stand, General Meikasan was killed by a young Air Nymph girl with a pitchfork. This image would become the symbol on all rebel flags for the rest of the uprising and a statue of this unnamed girl with her pitchfork still stands in the great square of Nymphii Centraalio.

Final Attack on Swordfall

Emeraldian-Anglosian war for Emeraldian Independence


-Emeraldian Freedom Army

-Ohara Clan

-Anglosian Army

-Anglosian Spellslingers

-Swordfall Guard


-Hero-Commander Duke Klobber †

-Pathrek “The Bounder” Ohara

-Blaire “Flame” Ohara

-General Arthur

-The Seventh Prince †


Victory for Emerald Isle


Start of the legends of the Ohara Family of legendary figures, independence for the Emerald Isle. Anglos would never again become the only big power in Brineina.


Not much is known about the details of the battle, as it is shrouded in myth and legend. Scholars think that the Emeraldians stormed the walls of Swordfall in a surprise attack, during which the commander of the Anglosian Army, simply known as the Seventh Prince of Anglos was killed. General Arthur would take command and fight dearly. The Anglosians got back into the fight and killed the legendary Emeraldian Hero Duke Klobber. This would probably have resulted in a route if the siblings of the Ohara clan had not stepped in and rallied the troops. They fought their way to General Arthur. In the resulting fight, Blaire Ohara was blinded, but Arthur had to retreat. After Arthur retreated, the Anglosians soon had to surrender their capital to Emerald Isle and settle for peace.