Master vampires

There are many vampires in Vamania. Master vampires are fully independent vampires that are integrated into the system. Many master vampires have servant vampires, but this is not always the case.


Janette "Jane Rose" Rosefield is a master vampire serving as a mercenary. She is known as an especially deadly assassin. Jane Rose refuses to make servant vampires. She has a strong relationship with the wood nymph Lelana.

Onyxia Oregon

Onyxia is a master vampire with an affinity for the divine. She worships the Green God. In his honor she has set up a cult. Her religion is directly opposed against the Senterii. Her claim is that the Green God is purely for vampires, while the Senterii keep the vampires weak. Unlike the majority of vampires who have very pale skin, her skin is dark.

Pattern Martyr

Pattern is a worshipper of the Green God. He is a master vampire and the most important asset of the cult. It is thought that he might one day become a strongblood, but now he is still to young to be sure about this. He is very close to Onyxia who is like a mother to him.