Gigantomachism is a religion whose holy book describes the great war between two sets of gods, the Gigantonians and Seranians. It’s the main religion of the cyclopses.


The Gigantonians are the great old gods of the prehistoric era of the Great Dying that ruled the world before the Seranians came and defeated them, locking most of them in the eternal flame pit deep under Tegai. Gigantonians were great violent forces that will surely bring the apocalypse if they ever escape their imprisonment. With no other choice, the cyclopses make sacrifices to the Seranians to keep them strong enough to hold the Gigantonians. They had two eyes instead of the three eyes of Seranians and are seen as the creators of the first two-eyed races.


Cruntor was the king of the Gigantonians. After their defeat in the war, he was cut open by Dispater and made to fill the oceans, lakes and rivers with his blood. He still lives, eternally bleeding.


Pilatus is the son of Cruntor and the general of the Gigantonians in their war against the Seranians. He knocked down one of the great pillars holding the sky during his battle with Perandon. Perandon chose to not kill him, but instead bound his limbs and made to hold the sky on his shoulders for all eternity.

Ores and Tega

Ores and Tega are the parents of the first Seranians. Ores tried to kill his children, causing the start of the war between the Gigantonians and the Seranians. Tega sacrificed herself to protect her children in the first attack. The Seranians honered their mother and used Tega’s body to make Tegai while Ores was tortured and stretched out to be the sky.

Hemma, Eonia and Solvis

Solvis and his two sisters Eonia and Hemma were the only three Gigantonians to side with the Seranians during the war and as such were given a place in the modern pantheon. Hemma owns the great carriage that pulls the sun. Eonia makes and moves the stars by putting her crystal tears into Ores’ body. Solvis sits on the moon and sends magic into Tegai. While Eonia chose to remain a virgin, Hemma made several children with Jopit, king of the Seranians, including the goddesses Arten, Dieta and Selmis as well as the god Pol. Solvis married Jopit’s sister Perandon of the seas and fathered the gods Haponis and Tirit with her. Hemma would later marry Tirit and give birth to the goddess Midia. Eonia is said to have made the humans. Eonia has become the main patron for humans that wish to convert to the gigantomachist faith.


The Seranians are selfish and flawed gods that make subjects of the cyclopses. The cyclopses believe that their gods hold no natural love for mortalkind. The gods only love mortals that bring them great honor or sacrifice. Mortals are subject to the impulsive wills of the Seranians all the time. The cyclopses carry this burden and make their sacrifices, because the alternative of the Gigantonians is much worse. The first Seranians were born from Ores and Tega.

The children of Tega

The children of Tega were the first six Seranians. They were two males and four females. Jopit, Dispater, Perandon, Hert, Helala and Demias. Jopit and Dispater, as the two sons, thought they’d get to divide Tegai between them, but Perandon claimed her part with sheer might.

Jopit and Helala

Jopit and Helala are the king and queen of the gods. Jopit was gifted with the lightning bolt by the Gigantonian Hemma, with whom he made several children. He also made a daughter with his other sister Demias who became the goddess Penelope. Furthermore, Jopit had children with many mortals. This all while married with Helala who does not appreciate it. Any priestess of Helala will have to make themselves infertile so they can never attract Jopit. If a priestess of Helala neglects this and does become pregnant from Jopit, Helala will turn her into a monster. This is where most of the creatures of legend come from.


Dispater is the oldest son of Tega but did not like the idea of ruling Tegai. He made a deal with Jopit, Dispater would get dominion over the realms of the dead while Jopit ruled the gods and the living. He is a kind and well-meaning god, if a bit socially awkward. He fell in love with his niece Penelope but didn't know how to approach her. He decided to abduct her to the underworld where he bathed her in gifts and luxury. Demias, the mother of Penelope took her back to the surface after six months because without Penelope the world was covered in winter. Penelope had however fallen in love with Dispater and after six months on the surface she snuck back into the underworld to visit him. Dispater and Penelope married. Dispater, not wanting to be at war with Demias made a deal with her, Penelope would spend six months in his domain and six months with her mother each year.


Perandon is the oldest child of Tega and the most powerful. When her brothers divided Tegai between them, she did not appreciate being left out. She went to her brother Jopit and challenged him. He accepted and the terms for the challenge were set. If Jopit won, she would have to marry him, if Perandon won she would get the rule of everything the blood of Cruntor covered. She won three times against her brother before he relented and gave her the oceans, seas, rivers and lakes of Tegai. In return for finally giving up, Perandon gave Jopit their sister Helala to marry. Perandon would later fall in love with the Gigantonian Solvis and in an act of devotion bound her tides to the moon that Solvis sat upon. Solvis came down to investigate what was going on and was promptly wedded to Perandon by his sister Eonia.


Demias is a nature goddess and the creator of plantlife. She is the mother of many ancient demigods as she prefers mortals. Jealous of mortalkind, Jopit disguised himself as Demias’ mortal lover and impregnated her with Penelope. She later found out that her daughter Penelope had become summer, and that without her an eternal winter would commence that killed all her plants. When Dispater took Penelope away, Demias was desperate to get her back to restore her plants. She made a deal with Dispater that Penelope would spend half the year on the surface and half the year with him in the underworld.


Hert is the youngest of Tega’s children. At Hert’s birth, she erupted into flames, creating the eternal flame pit and covering her in burn scars. Hert became a fire god who was the jailor of the Gigantonians. Disfigured as she was, she found it hard to find a husband till she met the son of Dieta and Mallus called Bagnys who was a horned god of drunken madness. When Bagnys was asked by his mother Dieta who he thought was the most beautiful goddess, Bagnys answered that Hert was the prettiest for her unique appearance. Jopit laughed, not believing him and giving him permission to marry her if he truly thought that. Bagnys accepted and married Hert. Hert in her happiness gave birth to Ermos, the god of love. Some sources claim Bagnys is Ermos’ father, others claim that Ermos has no father and that he is purely Hert’s child. Hert is said to have created the great white stag in a challenge from Tyson to make something harder to hunt than his many monsters.

The children of Hemma

Hemma has five children, four of which were fathered by Jopit and one was fathered by her husband Tirit. Though Helala objected, Jopit has recognized all five of Hemma’s children as part of the Seranians.


Dieta is a goddess of immense beauty. She was promised to Tirit, but instead married Mallus after he got her pregnant with Bagnys. Tirit was furious and demanded a replacement. Hemma took her daughter’s place and married Tirit. Dieta’s lust is immense and she commits adultery almost as much as her father Jopit. She is claimed as the mother of many demigods.

Semnis and Pol

Semnis and Pol are twin gods. Semnis is the hunter and symbol of faithfulness. She married a mortal man and had seven demigod sons with him. After her husband’s death, Semnis never again took another man into her bed. Pol is quite the opposite, sleeping with many mortals, male and female, and even other gods like the queen of the gods Helala. It is very popular for Cyclopian kings to claim Pol as their father. Pol is a patron of arts and scholarship.


Arten was the last child Hemma and Jopit had together. She was born the night before Hemma wed Tirit. She is a strategist and the leader of half of the divine armies. She took a vow of chastity and remains a virgin. It is said that while asexual, Arten is not aromantic and it is cited that she has a romantic relationship with Eonia. She is also a goddess of ships and uses Eonia's stars to navigate the seas. This connection to the ocean puts her in a constant rivalry with Perandon.


Midia is the creator of rainbows and the messenger of the gods. From her father Tirit she got two winged sandals with which she can run through the sky. Her mother gave her a staff with which she can cure disease. She is in a sexual relationship with the golden goddess Aurium, who is her half-sister.

Tirit and Aurium

Tirit is the son of Perandon and Solvis. He controls the storms and rains. Tirit is known for having several anger management issues. When young he slept with Dieta and produced a daughter named Aurium with her. Aurium is a beautiful goddess with hair of gold and eyes of lapis lazuli that dances in the rain. Tirit approached Jopit to ask for Dieta’s hand in marriage, and Jopit accepted. Dieta however did not want Tirit as her husband and married Mallus instead. In his rage, Tirit covered Tegai in storms. Hemma send Aurium to ask her father what he wanted to make him stop, so mortals could see her sun again. Tirit replied that he wanted a replacement for his lost bride. When Aurium came back to Hemma, Hemma decided that she would offer herself as a replacement for her daughter. Tirit agreed and sun and rain would once again get back into balance. While dancing in her father’s rain, Aurium saw the rainbow and searched for its source. She traced the rainbow back to the goddess Midia and seduced the other goddess.


Penelope is the great goddess of the seasons. She is the only godly child of Demias. Jopit had disguised himself as a mortal lover of Demias to impregnate his sister. When Penelope was born, it was discovered that the summer itself had been linked with her. Dispater fell in love with her shining beauty and took her into the underworld. She found his awkwardness charming and married him to become queen of the underworld. Penelope can only spend six months of each year with her husband, as the other six are spend bringing summer to Tegai. A mortal prince once got it into his head that Penelope was probably unhappy in the underworld and went down to rescue her so that she would marry him. When he arrived she politely offered him a seat. When the prince took the seat, he found himself unable to get back up. She then created the first snakes to keep guard over this Prince. These snakes reproduced and their brood would leave the underworld to spread over the earth.

Mallus and Hector

Helala grew very tired of Jopit’s constant adultery and decided to take revenge by committing her own adultery with Jopit’s illegitimate son Pol. Together they had two sons, Mallus and Hector. Hector was lame in one leg and was thus prevented from becoming a warrior. Hector decided to instead focus on smithing. Hector has a great forge in which he creates the armor of gods and heroes. Mallus was the first to wear the armor of his brother. Mallus proved an incredibly skilled fighter and claimed half of the divine armies. He is known for his brutal efficiency and immense bloodthirst. Mallus attempted to seduce the other commander Arten, who was not interested. When he went too far, she took out one of his eyes and gave it to the blind god Norn. Mallus stayed away from Arten and instead courted the goddess Dieta, with whom he had several children.


Norn is the son of Dispater and Penelope. He was born blind, but was gifted the Eye of Mallus by Arten. With this eye he can see the future. He uses this power to find mortals that are about to die, bringing them to the underworld. Norn fell in love with the goddess of death Apocalypta and made a set of wings for her from the feathers of a hundred different birds, including a roc, thunderbird and griffin. Together they made the god Archon.


Archon is the great god of vengeance and justice. He wields a bloody stick with which he administers punishment on the wicked. He is known for wearing a mask that is so scary that even Jopit dares not look upon him. This mask was given to him by Hipiamis who nurtured him. He was one of the three husbands offered to the furies, and was chosen by Tisper.


Ermos is a bringer of love and said to be the most powerful of the gods. He is the son of Hert who infused her child with so much motherly love that Ermos ended up being one of the most happy children among the gods. Eager to spread this happiness, he brings love to mortalkind. Ermos was one of the three husbands offered to the furies, and was chosen by Alexa.


Haponis is the son of Perandon and Solvis. He was gifted domain of the night and made the master of sleep. He is a great friend of Helala, and often puts Jopit to sleep when Helala needs to do things that her husband can’t know about. He was one of the three husbands offered to the furies, and was chosen by Meguno.


While the other Seranians are three-eyed, Cycla was born with one big eye and is as such seen as the first cyclops. She is the daughter of Dispater and Penelope and married to Tyson. While not a very important goddess, she is still worshipped a lot by the cyclopses.

The children of Mallus

Mallus is utterly devoted to his wife Dieta and fathered seven children with her. Even though Dieta has children with many different men from her constant adultery, these seven are the only children Mallus has as he does not cheat on his wife.


Bagnys was the first child of Mallus and Dieta. He either wears or has the horns of a ram and hair that comes to his waist. He is said to bring madness to the minds of mortals he dislikes. His greatest gift to the world is the secret of making wine. Jopit bragged to Bagnys about how beautiful the women he had children with where. That Helala, Demias and Hemma were all great beauties. Bagnys replied that they were nothing special as they all looked similar. Dieta asked him who he considered the most beautiful if he did not like these three. Bagnys replied that Hert was the most beautiful, for her appearance was so unique. Jopit did not believe Bagnys and thought the young god was joking with him. Jopit told Bagnys that if he truly believed that, he would have permission to marry Jopit’s sister. Bagnys took him up on that offer and married Hert that same day.


Apocalypta is the great goddess of death. She was gifted a great pair of wings by Norn which she uses to fly across Tegai. She is described as a cold woman that has no chest to nurture children with. When Apocalypta gave birth to Archon she asked her sister Hipiamis to nurture him, as Hipiamis had no children of her own.


Tyson is the creator of monsters and the tester of heroes. He is also the taker of oaths and invoked whenever a blood oath is made. Tyson made the dragons. His first dragon was to powerful and had to be chained in the eternal flame pit where Hert uses him to help her guard the Gigantonians. The ones after were far weaker.


Hipiamis is a warrior goddess that is believed to be the creator of amazones, nymphs and elves. Hector gave her the best armor he ever made because she was always kind to him. Hipiamis grew to appreciate the lame smith god and asked him to marry her even though he could give her no children. When her sister Apocalypta had a child that she could not nurture, Apocalypta asked her to do it. Hipiamis gladly took the young Archon and nurtured him. She treated him as if he was her own son and even gave him her mask of terror.

Alexa, Meguno and Tisper

Alexa, Meguno and Tisper were the last gods to be accepted into the Seranians. They are together labeled as the furies. They bring punishment from the gods to mortalkind. Alexa punishes hubris, blasphemy and crimes against the gods. Tisper punishes adultery, theft, murder and crimes against other mortals. Meguno punishes the breaking of oaths. They almost lead a rebellion of mortals against the gods after Jopit broke all the rules imposed on mortals. Jopit asked them what it took to avoid the rebellion. The furies demanded that mortalkind would get their freedom on Tegai instead of being only subjects to the gods. They also demanded that they’d each receive a husband more powerful than Jopit. Jopit ultimately had to agree to these terms and gave them Ermos, for he was the most powerful god; Haponis, for even Jopit could not avoid sleep; and Archon, for Jopit feared him most of all. Alexa chose first and took Ermos for she needed love, Meguno took Haponis because she could not rest and Tisper took Archon for she was not afraid of anyone.