The Pharaohs of Guptha are some of the most notable legends of the world. The title of Pharaoh itself holds a power given to them by the gods. Here are some of the most notable.

Pharaoh Maathotep Senentar

Senentar was only five when he became the Pharaoh of Guptha. He took Maathotep as his official throne name and under this name he reigned for 100 years. Maathotep Senentar expanded Guptha’s borders south to the Great Oasis. He was known as a warrior king that personally fought in the vanguard. After his death, Guptha went into a slow decline.

Pharaoh Nepnepemhet Akhentar

Pharaoh Nepnepemhet Akhentar is the legendary builder of the greatest pyramid in Guptha which serves as his tomb. His father was Pharaoh Taremhet Osimhotep. His father named him Akhentar in the hope that his son would forever glorify Tar, who was his father’s patron god. Akhentar however took Nepnepemhet as his official throne name and glorified Nepnep.