The royals of house Viets of Zilverrijk are the only ones that can claim the throne of Zilverrijk. Zilver Island hovewver is full of side branches of the royal house and many important nobles maneuvering to get their favorite candidate on the throne.

Modern royals

Below are described those notables of house Viets that are currently alive.

King Will IV Viets

King Will is the current king of Zilverrijk. But he is old and sick. King Will is suffering from the disease known as fireitch. King Will doesn’t have long and when it comes, he’ll have to risk trusting Timmo of the house Thomas to keep his heir safe.

Crown-Princess Saba Viets

Princess Saba is the next in line for the throne. While she has older sisters, they were all married patrilineally and thus no longer belong to House Viets. The king had always expected to be able to father a son, but was never able to. Now everything that remains of the main branch is Saba. There are many side branch males that are trying to position themselves into a spot as the new heir, but Saba has the king’s favor and one of the country’s most powerful lords supporting her. It is also said that she is blessed by Mildor because of her magical prowess.

Prince Tom the Hunter

Prince Tom the Hunter is a member of a relatively new side branch of House Viets. He is closely related to the old king through the king’s grandmother Queen Marsha VII. Prince Tom is the old queen’s nephew. He is currently the strongest rival of Crown-Princess Saba for the throne of Zilverrijk. He is supported by a large faction of nobles both publicly and in secret, most notably Lord-Admiral William Frary, Lord of Deepharbour and Admiral of the zilveric Fleet.

Prince Hendrik the Silent

Prince Hendrik the Silent is a member of a major side branch of House Viets. He is a quiet studious man. He distanced himself from the rest of the royal family and moved to the city of Noordhof. In his time there he has positioned himself as a trader, often trading with Soffurian nobles in the Balbanians. It is said that during this time he has grown fond of the soffurian soldier Katrina Maximyevna Nachov. It is whispered that Prince Hendrik wishes to give up his royal status so that he can freely marry the foreigner.

Prince Hendrik the Brotherkiller

Prince Hendrik Viets was the brother of King Tom I Viets. He was a hero with the power to kill dragons. When King Tom I died their other brother Prince Lodewijk tried to usurp the throne from Tom’s daughter Saba by killing her. When Prince Hendrik heard of this he went berserk and killed several important lords, dukes and guards that had sided with Prince Lodewijk before crashing Prince Lodewijk’s coronation. He killed the High Priests of Allara, Buren and Aktavor, as well as killing Lodewijk himself. He then forced the Priest of Manda to proceed the Coronation and make King Tom I’s infant daughter Marsha the new queen. Prince Hendrik served as Queen Marsha VI Viets’ regent till the girl was old enough to rule on her own. He then willingly stepped away from power. He spend his final years in the city of Frysk with his boyfriend.