The Masked

The Masked of the Lands of the Moon are a famous phenomenon across the Brineinan Union. They are fighters that take on a mask and claim a persona. Some hide their true identity, others do not. The reason why they do this is thanks to a quirk that comes as a result of two Moonian laws. Companies and land owned by an individual can not be charged thanks to actions committed under a legally seperate identity and a mascot counts as an identity seperate from the individual. The first of these laws was meant to protect the personal possesions of those serving as ministers, company directers and ambassadors when they had to commit illegal actions on the order of seniors. In a case the first masked called Vigilante succesfully argued that his masked persona was a mascot and that his owned land could not be stripped from him as punishment for his assault charges. Though the laws have since been revised, the masked have since become a tradition.

The Rattlesnake

The Rattlesnake is a mysterious masked figure seemingly in service of Princess Diana. He is known as an assassin, spy and saboteur. Many people have speculated on the true identity of the Rattlesnake. Kane Hanzo has been proposed, but this is of course ludacris. The Rattlesnake was believed dead for a while, but has recently resurfaced. Aside from political acts, the Rattlesnake is also known to fight drug cartels, violent gangs and police corruption.


Crotalus is a masked figure that served as a temporary replacement of the Rattlesnake, as well as his subordinate. She is a master in several forms of martial arts and is outfitted with the most modern technology. Like with the Rattlesnake, several people have speculated on Crotalus’ true identity. Names that have been put forward include Brenda Chan and Dame Stripe.

The Stingray

The Stingray is an infamous assassin title that is achieved by killing the previous stingray. While the name of the Stingray has a long line of holders, the current holder’s true identity is unknown. The current stingray has sworn her loyalty to Peter Cash and the Pink Prince, and is one of their most powerful assets.

Sax and Drums

Sax and Drums are the two masked leaders of the Soundwaves. The private military organisation belonging to the Donk family. They serve as advisors to the current lord of the family and also make sure their orders are put into motion. Drums is often the war expert that specializes in engagement, while the Sax is the clandestine specializing in more covert ops.