The crew are the normal everyday pirates. It is on their hard work that the Pirate Hub was possible. While most live in relative anonimity, some crewmembers have grown famous in their own right.

Ann Weller

Ann Weller is a mage and loyal first mate of Frank Buttolph. She is Frank’s cousin and has been serving him since the rebellion. Ann is one of the few mages in the world that can perform the black hole spell, one of the most destructive spells known to mortalkind.

Robin Breaches

Robin Kraan, better known as Robin Breaches, is the first mate of John Spotted. She is a woman who dresses, curses and drinks like a man. She is the muscle to back up John’s wit. She is feared across the Pirate Hub. Robin is a Cryomancer and her ice abilities serve the pirates well in stopping faster ships.

Halberd Hennie

Henrietta Holm, also known as Halberd Hennie, is a female pirate serving in John Spotted’s crew. She is known for her excellent skill with a halberd and is the current holder of the pirate record for most battle kills in a single raid at twenty-four. She was part of the original Normian crew of the Evert and one of those that killed Kasper and his loyalists.

Patricia Kilpatrick

Patricia Kilpatrick is Pim’s first mate. She was one of the prisoners on the Queen Marsha’s Judgement. During the revolt she managed to retrieve her magical amulet from the captain’s quarters, effectively making her a magical powerhouse. She is originally from the Emerald Isle and was arrested after lashing out at the Tower of Mages while in Zilverrijk for studies.

Xandra Traanental

Xandra Traanental is a horned demoness that was sealed in the Queen Marsha’s Judgement. During Pim’s prisoner’s revolt, the prisoners accidentally freed the demon which attacked indiscriminately. Pim managed to calm it down and tame it. The tame demon is a great boost to Pim’s popularity and eventually lead to Pim being elected to the status of pirate lord.

Soap Larnape

Olivia “Soap” Larnape was a low-ranking pirate ship cleaner caught by the Zilver Fleet. She was to be transported to the capital for a show-execution. She was locked onto the Queen Marsha’s Judgement. Luckily for her, this was when Pim’s prisoner revolt hit and she was freed. She joined Pim and gave Pim the idea to sail to the Pirate Hub. She is now a simple ship cleaner again, but at least she wasn’t hanged.

Crow Makuza

Honoline “Crow” Makuza is an Arician noblewoman that was captured by slavers. She was bought and sold a couple of times before ending up on the ship of a rich Latsian merchant. When the merchant’s ship was attacked by the Queen Marsha’s Judgement, Honoline took the opportunity to take revenge on her master. She cut out his intestines and replaced them with his amputated hands and feet before sowing him back closed. The master didn’t make it. Impressed by her ferocity, Pim freed Honoline from slavehood and gave her a place on her pirate’s ship. Honoline’s dark skin and the fact that she spends most of her time in the crow’s nest earned her the nickname crow.

Mark Brook

Mark Brook is the human first mate of the Chief. To avoid infighting in the tribe, the Chief decided to never appoint another elf to first mate. Unlike many other pirates, Mark was actually born in the Pirate Hub and has been trained to be a pirate since a young age.

Miran Teken

Miran Teken is the daughter of the Chief. She serves as a pirate on her father’s ship and distinguished herself by capturing a Sconian princess named Sarah McGravon and defeating the great Scathach McUanaind in battle.