The Order of the Defense of Zilverrijk, often simply referred to as the Zilver Defenders, is on paper a knightly order, but in reality serves as the spynetwork of Zilverrijk. Members of the order do not carry the title Sir or Dame like other knights, as that would give them away.

Identified members

As most members of the order keep their identities secret, it is hard to tell how many members the order has. Even from many of the identified members, it is not known if their names are real.

Marie du Bois

Marie du Bois is the face of the Zilver Defenders. When the Defenders need to be in attendence publically or make proclemations, it often falls to her to do so. It is unclear if she is the actual head of the order, or simply a spokeswoman. Her strong accent reveals her as hailing from the Lamour region of Zilverrijk.


Moonshine is one of the most feared members of the Zilver Defenders. She is always fully armoured and never shows her face. It has been rumored that she descents from Aricians, but like so many things about the defenders, this remains unconfirmed. She is sometimes referred to as a Travelling Executioner, as she is send to eliminate enemies of the state all over the nation. When a name is needed, she uses Lucy van Leeuwenwinkel. Of course this name is probably fake.

Jean Maes

Jean Maes is a storm mage that graduated top of his class from the Tower of Mages. It is said that after his graduation he was recruited by the Zilver Defenders. Jean was born in Aux-Lion. He is described as a tall brunette man with a strong Lamourian accent.

Karel van Laren

Karel van Laren was once a common knight of the kingdom, till he started manifesting a weird mutation that gave him a power to weaponize light itself. He disappeared from his former knightly order and has joined the Order of the Defense of Zilverrijk since then. He has a close relationship with Helena X.

Jenna Hal Vanderfield

Jenna is known to be a corrupt member of the Zilver Defenders, though never outwardly caught. It is weird that the Defenders allow her to remain on their roster. Almost like they are using her to find the truely corrupt people in and outside their order.


This is a list of some people who have been identified as former members, informants or suppliers of the Zilver Defenders. Of course officially any associations are denied by both parties.


Evert Burg was one of the most skilled blacksmiths in the nation of Zilverrijk when he fell from grace. He died penniless and alone, killed by the master he served with a sword he made. Around the same time the Zilver Defenders hired a very skilled blacksmith only known as Zuiverwoud.

Luuk Zeiler

Luuk Zeiler, also known as Zeeman, is the warden of the great dungeons of Twenty-Three Towers. He was a former member of the Zilver Defenders. Though a lot of people believe he still works for them.

Preston Charles

Preston Charles is an esteemed gentleman from Allegoy. He is deeply intwined of Allegoyan foreign politics. Though it has been said that his true employer is the Zilver Defenders. It is true that he is a great advocate for peace between Allegoy and Zilverrijk.

Helena X

Helena X is a master thief and bandit. She was commonly known as the strongest woman in Zilverrijk and has been known to throw horses and lift cannons. One story said that to escape execution, she broke her iron chains and punched a hole through the thick stone walls of her cell. She has been pardoned since then and has been working with the Zilver Defenders. In particulair working closely with Karel van Laren.