The Latsian Empire

The Latsian Empire is a human empire that rose to great power. They have a Senate, two consuls and an Emperor. The Latsian Empire is the largest country in Tegai in both population and controlled area.


The current city named Vignar is not the original Vignar. Modern day Old Vignar was a Latsian city named Vignar on the border of the empire, and one of its most important. When the Empire lost control over their Vignar in a war with Allegoy, they didn't want to admit it. So instead of telling the people what had happened, the Emperor, Marcus Draco Telaminus Vignarian Dux Augustus, had a new city build that looked exactly like Vignar, and called it Vignar. To this day the emperors claim Old Vignar is a fabricated city created by the Allegoyans to slander the Empire's name.

Gracian Hook

Gracian Hook is the collection of the territories of five cities that are removed from the main body of the Latsian Empire. While the Gracian Hook is a very fertile and resource-rich place, it is also quite hard to defend, and as such is very vulnerable to attacks from Aricians, Amazones and the Sjardans. As a result, Gracians are some of the best soldiers in the Empire. The five cities of the Gracian Hook are Minozia, Maketon, Thebend, Thenis and Lako.Each of the five city produce an important export for the rest of the empire. Minozia produces gold, Maketon produces gemstones, Thebend produces wine, Thenis produces olives and Lako produces grain.