Ippo is a warrior culture. As such it has many heroes that called the islands home.

Hirabayashi Yo

There was once a woman named Kana Hisa who went to the god Zabuno and offered to give birth to his child in trade for immortality. Zabuno, wanting a child, accepted. Hisa then visited the hundred-tails known as Hirabayashi, knowing the powerful creature offered great power in trade for a person’s firstborn. She would give the hundred-tails her unwanted demigod daughter. Unable to eat the child without offending Zabuno, Hirabayashi would instead raise it and teach it khaospower to create a doomsayer. She named this child Yo. Upon reaching adulthood, the girl would move into a small Ipponese village under the name Hirabayashi Yo. The village was attacked by one of the princes, a man named Endo Takehiko. Hirabayashi Yo took a naginata and stepped up. She single-handedly defended the village and defeated the prince. After the war the Shogun gave her an honor award normally only meant for the most elite soldiers.