The big difference between the nobles and commoners of the Lands of the Moon is that commoners have to earn their voting rights while the nobles are born with them. Still even with this the equality between the classes is way closer then in most of the other kingdoms in the Brineinan Union. Commoners can rise high-up in the ranks.


Merchants are the official traders, shopkeepers, importers and brokers of the Lands of the Moon. It is relatively easy for a merchant family to get voting rights for their members as they enjoy a reverred status in the wealth-based society of the Moonians.

Steven Masters

Steven Masters is a great merchant in the Lands of the Moon and rumored to be the fabled king of smugglers. Steven is a personal friend and supporter of Prince Morthy. Masters has the purple hair of a Thunder Islander, but claims to have been born in Beast Moon.

Lily Legless

Lilian Sale, better known as Lily Legless, is one of the richest merchants in the Lands of the Moon. She is the leader of the unofficial Merchant’s guild and holds a lot of power among the others in the merchant class. She is rumored to run an underground black market in enchanted items, but mostly makes her fortune from trading spices with the Lymans of Icepepper Isle. While a supporter of Prince Morthy, her loyalty is shallow and might switch if the price is right. Lily Legless lost her legs in a pirate raid and replaced them with two artificial robotic legs. Lily invests heavily into robotics companies and her LL Robitics has merged with many smaller companies in this field. This creation of robotic limbs is a technological marvel that, together with the Alchemist’s Guild, put the Lands of the Moon on the map as one of the greatest technological powers in Tegai.

Lancel Lott

Lancel Lott is a lowborn innkeeper who rose to prominence as his inn became a regular site for meetings of supporters of Princess Diana. Kane Hanzo and Brenda Chan are regulars of Lancel’s inn. Lancel is a politically concious innkeeper and has managed to acquire voting rights. He is described as a beautiful golden-haired man.


Official alchemists are the members of the Alchemist's Guild. The Alchemist's Guild is one of the few institutions outside the Temples of Lunar Worship that is exempt from all taxes. They are the masters of alchemy and one of the reasons the Lands of the Moon are a great power in the Brineinan Union. Joining the Alchemist's Guild does strip you of any noble status you might have head before. But all alchemists that graduate the education phase automatically get voting rights, so nothing of much value is lost.

Sarah K. Hill

Sarah K. Hill is the current leader of the Alchemist’s Guild. She is a big supporter of Princess Lea and believes that nothing should stand in the way of science. Unlike the red robes of most alchemists, Sarah wears purple robes to show her status.

Myra Hart

Myra Hart is the oldest friend and fellow alchemist of Princess Lea Moon. Myra is never far from the princess and even shares her bed. She is a shy redhead girl and often stutters when having to answer questions. She is often considered a bit of a coward and easily intimidated. There is a story of a drunk man trying to grab and fondle Myra where it is the princess that has to save her. The drunk man in the story was arrested and taken to the alchemist’s guild. It is said that the alchemists skinned him alive in a research project. Some versions even claim that it was the Lea herself who skinned the man. It is unknown if this story is true, but it is known that Lea is very protective of Myra.


Warriors of any kind are honored in the Lands of the Moon as they have a strong soldier tradition. Those graduating the schools meant to train fighters get to chose were they want to work. Many join one of the private military organisations or the personal guard of one of the noble families. Most however still join the official army of the Lands of the Moon or one of the police forces.

Monica Peck

Monica is a private soldier that has been drafted into the service of Syn. She serves as the personal bodyguard of young Prince Elmond. She is a bit of a smartass and does not seem to realize the danger of the things she says. Luckily for her, Cinderella seems to like her. Monica is very skilled in the use of technology.

Cynthia Adel

Cynthia Adel is one of the mute servants of Peter Cash. She is particularly important as she has been assigned to the personal use of the Pink Prince. She can often be found close to Prince Marcurius performing whatever duty he desires.