There are also a lot of religions that are monotheistic, have fewer gods or are to small for their own category.

The Metal Wolves

The faith of the metal wolves is a relatively small faith within the Latsian empire, but it has some prominent followers. Believers of this faith believe that the world is governed by four metal wolves. Some believe that the three smaller wolves represent the three great mainlander nations. Gold for Allegoy, silver for Zilverrijk and Steel for the empire. Lyzer then represents humanity as a whole. Critics of this interpretation see it as another human-centric worldview that does not fit in modern times.

Lyzera, Lyzeru and Lyzeri

Lyzera the golden wolf, Lyzeru the silver wolf and Lyzeri the steel wolf are the three smaller wolves of the faith. Many of the followers of the faith of the metal wolves pick one to be their patron wolf.


Lyzer the giant rusted wolf is the main god of the faith of the metal wolves. Some followers think she is a seperate deity from the other three wolves, some think she is what happens when the other three fuse together, some think that the other three wolves are just avatars of Lyzer that she uses when needed.


Beaterism is a monotheistic faith from one of the Islands of Aricia. Believers in Beatarism believe that the world is the plaything of a giant rhino-like monster that destroys whatever bores it. This rhino-like monster is referred to as Beatar or alternatively The First Beast. It is a nihilistic faith that says live has no greater meaning and all you can do is try to be happy and survive.

The Snake Goddess

The Cult of the Snake Goddess is a popular cult in the northern provinces of the Latsian empire. While some believers insert the Snake Goddess into the Imperate Cycle as a creator goddess immune to the changing of cycles, most are monotheistic. The Snake Goddess’ name is only revealed to the highest priests in the cult and guarded with the biggest of care. Some enemies of the cult think that the Snake Goddess is actually a projection of the Sealed one Gersonisos, manipulating the cult to free herself. While controversial, the cult’s supporters still manage to achieve high places in society with their most notable known members being former consul Atreus Draco Dax and Governor Julius Zilverus of Argentium. The Snake Goddess is described as a great mother who cares for her followers deeply. Many of the cult have claimed that she visits them in their dreams to destroy their nightmares. A small group of cultists from Pupia are also spreading the rumor that the Spearman of Vignar was the son of the Snake Goddess and the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Canos Allegoyan Maximus Dax Julius Augustus Pupius Vexor. The Snake Goddess is depicted as a large breasted naked woman with a cobra as right arm and viper as left arm. She is sometimes depicted with the head of a Long-horned cow or Short-haired woman, but most commonly has the head of a Lioness. It is said that she creates with the Cobra’s venom and destroys with the Viper’s venom. While not conclusive, some think the Unknowns also worship the Snake Goddess, because a large statue of her has been seen standing at an unmapped coast not far from the mysterious homeland of the Unknowns.

Kingdom of the Sun

The Kingdom of the Sun is the religion of an Arician nomad tribe named the Marakut. The main god of the religion is the Sun, and all other gods are just avatars of him. They believe every living thing is a piece of the Sungod, living every life possible in Tegai. From that of each short-lived kid killed by a plague to every million year old god. In a sense we are all gods, and we are all the same person. This means that everything you do to others, is done to you as well and you can only be mad at yourself for what others do to you.

The Golden Sect

The Golden Sect is one of the religions of the Amazones that is especially popular among the Western Amazones. Members of the Golden Sect are monotheistic, believing in one great goddess with golden hair. They believe that the great goddess left the world of Tegai in the Current Period, trusting the Amazones to maintain her image. One day she will return to her sect and usher in a new era of wealth and power for her followers. Members of the Golden Sect believe in reincarnation and so are by nature more tolerant to other species, as anybody could have been an Amazon in a previous life.

The Green God and the Black Witch

The Green God is a vampire god. Long ago he fell in love with a witch. He had four children with this Black Witch who became the seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. The Green God, having taken a mortal form to be with his love, fell ill and died. The Black Witch was furious at losing her love and took her anger out on the world. The Green God however returned to his godly form and was heartbroken to see his love's true colors. He banished the Black Witch to a far-away place where she could do no more harm, but could not bring himself to kill her. Instead he created the vampire race to prepare the world for her return and give it a fighting chance.

The Blind Idiot God

The dessertans believe in a god known as Dewa Buta Jelema. This translates to Blind Idiot God in the common tongue. They believe that the creator of all is an infinitely powerful being in a deep slumber. All of tegai is a dreamscape where this god shapes his thoughts. The creature is easily kept asleep by the thousands of pipes and drums that play unhearable melodies throughout the universe. If it does wake, it will surely try to destroy everything it has build.