Roohnelism is the state religion of Sconia and is the combination of three old religions (Elderanism, The Crimson Faith and The Cult of the Ground). Roohnelism describes a great three-way war between the three species of gods in which most of the gods died. The few gods that remain put aside their differences and made peace. The three different species of gods are Elderans, Groundlings and Crimsonians. A few decades ago, King James V of Sconia decided to modernize the religion and gave all the gods more modern names. To reflect this, we will be calling the gods by their modern name while mentioning their old names in brackets.


Elderans are the oldest of the gods, they were nearly pushed out of relevance by the Crimsonians before the war started. Only five Elderans survive and it was one of these that started the road to peace. Elderans are known for their horns.


Ronald (Roohnel) is the great peacemaker. He saw many of his fellow Elderans die and decided that enough was enough. He gathered up the five remaining Elderans and five remaining Crimsonians and made peace, after this they forced the Groundlings into a peace as well. During the final battle one more Crimsonian and two more Groundlings died, but that was the last of the violence. Ronald ironically is considered the god of war. Like most Elderans he is depicted with horns. His are long and straight with the right horn broken at the halfway point. Ronald has taken dominion of the underworld as well, ruling over the dead and taking care of all the gods that died in the war.


Bert (Berrit) is the master of the beasts. He is one of the oldest Elderans ever and probably the oldest still surviving god. He is commonly depicted with an eagle on his left arm, a snake around his right arm, a wolf at his left foot, an aurochs at his right foot, a mouse on his left shoulder, a scorpion on his right shoulder and a frog on his head, all while riding a unicorn with a tortoise on her head. Bert is depicted with two great antlers like those of the megaloceros.


Bo (Beaul) is a female Elderan depicted in full stone armor. She is a goddess of rock and earth and has twisted curled horns. She is said to create earthquakes and be the mother of humanity. Thanks to having the same name as a Bantist goddess, she has taken some aspects from this goddess. Bo is said to have killed a great ice god while pregnant with the first humans. This being very similar to the Bantist Bo fighting Boros the god of the Northern winds, who is often depicted as a man of ice, while pregnant with her eldest son. Similar to how Boros blessed Bantist Bo’s children, it is said that the blood of the Ice god blessed humanity and marked them for greatness.


Dan (Dailan) is the great father of the sun. He is responsible for the dawn and the sunset. He is depicted as a beautiful man with small blunted horns. He rides a golden chariot pulled by a winged boar. He is a conservative god that believe women should be subserviant to men and should dress properly. He especially disapproves of Taylor.


Ellanor (Elmaron) is the lady of the winds. She guides ships and creates storms. She is said to be the most beautiful of the gods and to cause fertility. She has two horns with a gorgeous spiral along their length. Even with all her beauty, she is still said to be the mother of trolls, dragons, giants and demons.


Groundlings were mostly lesser gods that got pushed around by both Elderans and Crimsonians. When the two greater species of gods started a war, the groundlings came in and killed many of them, but this cost them dearly. The greater gods made peace and turned on the Groundlings, forcing them into peace as well. Only seven of the Groundlings survived, but they were given much more relevance to fill the godly niches left behind by the killed Elderans and Crimsonians. Groundlings are known for their wings.


Colleen (Corenan) was the first Groundling that surrendered to the combined might of the Crimsonians and Elderans, and thus was given the moon as her domain. She is the goddess of the night and from her high point she keeps the other Groundlings in line. Like the other Groundlings she is depicted with great wings, though where the other surviving Groundlings have wings as white as snow, hers are blacker than the darkest night.


Zeke (Ezekiel) is the boldest of the Groundlings and was their best fighter in the war. Now in peace he has become restless. He has taken to hunting to control his bloodlust. He currently serves as a god of the hunt, but also doubles as a god of thieves, law, death and glory. These contradicting roles make him a controversial god and hotly debated by scholars.


Dexter (Destifer) is said to be the oldest of the Groundlings, even before the war. He is said to have brought the secrets of godhood to the Groundlings to uplift them from their status as a mere mortal race. Dexter is a god of knowledge and health. He is also the first maker of poisons and venoms. Even though he is known as the oldest, he is always depicted as a young man of barely adult age.


Yuri (Yunder) is the fun goddess. She is often depicted with one breast bared. She is the creator of alcohol and claims ownership of all drugs. She is a goddess of feasts and is always toasted at the beginning of Sconian parties. Recent depictions have seen her take on the appearance of a yellow dwarf.


Taylor (Tyllamon) is goddess of plant life. Taylor has a quirky double depiction. In peasant towns and rural estates she is often depicted as a farmer, bearing more resemblance to a man than to a woman. Meanwhile in cities, high society and ports she is depicted as a beautiful short haired gardener in the dress of a handmaiden. Current official canon says that both depictions are correct. Dan does not appreciate how Taylor dresses and during Renewal and Sunhigh, when his power is strongest, he forces her to wear a dress. When his power weakens during Ripening and Snowspread, she is able to discard the dress and take her simple farmer’s clothes back.


Mike (Mekkel) is a young god, but has been given a giant task. He is responsible for the rain and was given control of the lightning. Both were the weapons of the former king of the Crimsonians. He is depicted as a young man with an eyepatch and a dark skin. He was given these powers as he was to young to participate in the war and as such was the only innocent one left.


Sarah (Sarheal) is the goddess in charge of magic. After the magicstream of the last Crimsonian to be killed in the war went wild upon their death, Sarah took hold of it to keep it from destroying everything. She was put in charge of maintaining it after peace was achieved so that mortals keep their access to magic. She has taken over some aspects in her depiction that are derived from the Zilveric god Mildor, like the long black hair, tall imposing figure and long cloak.


Crimsonians are the great forces of nature. They almost pushed the Elderans out of relevance. Becoming overconfident, they started a war to eradicate the Elderans, this almost pushed both species into extinction when the Groundlings attacked. Only four Crimsonians survive, and none of them wanted the war in the first place so it was easy for the remaining Elderans to forge a peace with them. Crimsonians are known for their bright-coloured skin.


Kasper (Kazarmek) is the god of luck. Luck is considered both the strongest and weakest force in nature. He was the first Crimsonian approached by Ronald for peace. He jumped at the prospect of stopping the fighting and forced the other surviving Crimsonians into line. In the absence of a proper king of the gods, he has taken over a lot of the rituals and ceremonies associated with that role. He is depicted as a young green-skinned man.


Aria (Eriandel) was the goddess of tsunamis and river floodings, though after the end of the war her role was greatly expanded. After the death of all the Groundlings of the rivers and lakes; Elderans in charge of the oceans and sealife and the Crimsonians in charge of whirlpools, tides, geysers and fog, she was given domain over all of it. As the only true water god surviving she was the only one able to do the job. She is depicted as an beautiful woman with blue skin, eyes and hair.


Daniella (Dellyan) is a fully armored goddess of meteors. Her domain has since expanded to also include dominion over all metals. She serves as a smith to the gods and the first line of defense. It is said that no other god can do harm to her, but she is also cursed to be unable to do direct harm to others. She is depicted as being gold-skinned and having the longest hair of all the gods.


Megan (Miksun) is a young Crimsonian with scarlet skin. She used to just hold domain of explosions, but has since expanded to being a goddess of volcanoes, forest fires, infernos and even hearths and oil lamps. Megan is the undisputed master of fire and she revels in the power of it. She is often depicted with a great staff that is said to control the deep underworld fires that keep the world alive.