The Empress of Älvenheim always attempts to make their empire seem like the ideal, but even they are not immune from revolt from royal elves and slave elves. Many Empresses have dealt with countless rebellions, most left unrecorded.

Active Rebels

While the current empire is mostly peaceful, Gyanne still has two active rebellions going on.

Gastoya Hakatei

Gastoya is the daughter of Galea. She is one of few royal elves to question their supremacy. She, along with a few likeminded friends joined up with a slave revolt that devestated a large region in the North. There slave revolt was crushed, but Gastoya managed to escape with a group of core supporters. She sailed across the sea and found refuge with Onora Da, A wild elf chief. With the help of Onora, she is planning her next move.

Zikii Naldanor

Zikii Naldanor is the oldest daughter of Teranno. When her mother died she had expected to become the next empress. She was hoever surprised to learn her mother preferred Gyanne over her. Angered she retreated back into the glaciers of Frocil. Among her slaves she had the daughter of the previous Frozen Lord, old leader of the frost elves. She declared this slave the new Frozen Lord and organized an organized revolt of the Frost Elves and other slave elves. She turned out to be a natural at guerilla warfare and has unmade the occupation of Frocil, which her mother had spend half her life establishing.

Frozen Lord

When a frost elf is raised to the position of leader, they discard their name and take on the name of Frozen Lord. The current Frozen Lord is the daughter of the previous Frozen Lord. She is the last survivor of her family as she was still very young when Teranno conquered Frocil. Teranno gifted the young daughter of the frozen lord as a slave elf to her own daughter Zikii. Zikii developed a big sister relationship with the Frozen Lord and when Zikii was not granted the title of Empress, the two decided to instead revive the old Frozen Lord custom. Zikii and the Frozen Lord went into open revolt soon after and destroyed the occupation forces. Many of Zikii's loyalists, recently enslaved frost elves and other slave elves have gone into revolt with the pair.