The Mandrakes

The Mandrakes are a line of servant vampires in service to the Tempels. Their most recent master being Lord Elijah. They created the order of Vampire Knights which are modeled after the knightly orders of Zilverrijk and Allegoy. The current leaders of this order and heads of house mandrake are the twins Mya and Maria Mandrake. Mya is a cunning, but cowardly princess. She is called the Lady in White as she is always dressed in the most pristine whites. Maria always wears red to differentiate herself from her twin sister. Maria is most interested in combat. She is loyal and brave and will fight to the end for her sister.

The Harvest Crew

The Harvest Crew is a group of four servant vampires in service of Onyxia Oregon. They serve as an elite hunting force for the cult of the Green God. They are lead by Hese Xian. The other members are Dim Cartho, Marigot Doe and Antonius Olive.

Hese Xian

Hese Xian is the bald vampire who leads the Harvest Crew. He is a master of stealth and a big fan of fire arms. He serves as the groups sniper and uses his telekinesis to give directions to the others. He is one of the few vampires capable of using Psychic Energy.

Dim Cartho

Dim Cartho is a beautiful lavender-haired vampiress. She wears a crown and a dress as she models herself after the human princesses. She fights while wearing heels and wields a falcata and wind magic. She likes to dye her the tip of her hair black and make a gradient transition from lavender to black. This dyeing technique is very tricky and she can spent hours getting it just right.

Marigot Doe

Marigot Doe is a vampire that fights like a Natavonian warlord. She wears the skin of a deer and wields a series of tomahawks. She can transform herself into a deer as well through Skin changing.

Antonius Olive

Antonius Olive is an extravagent vampire covered in golden jewels. His hair is as gold-colored as his rings and he has the beginnings of a beard. This almost comical appearance hides a master of the sword as he wields the Gupthan kopesh with an unrivaled skill.