Soffur is famed for its powerful fighters and as such its mercenaries are infamous and highly sought after in conflicts all around Tegai.

Vladdo Graminev

Vladdo Vladdovich Graminev is the leader of a soffurian band of mercenaries infamous for its ruthlessness. After serving in many local wars around tegai, the soffurian government hired them and send them into the unmapped lands to find and arrest the outlaws living there in the hope of clearing more space to set up new colonies.


Serma Arnovna Zhukova is a powerful mutant. She is known as the Whyteflame for her pyrokinetic control of a special white fire that can burn even water and magic away. She wields a large hammer and is a force of nature on every battlefield she enters.

Velma Spotova

Velma Gregorovna Spotova is a witch for hire. Her powerfulmagic is very sought after. She is sometimes nicknamed the Rabbit God as she controls an army of bunnies at all times.