Senter Pantheon

The Senterii are a group of gods worshipped on Vamania. They are not necessarily connected and it is often thought that they are a bunch of local gods hastily put together for the sake of creating a state religion. Some think the Senterii were created by an even bigger power simply called the First Being. Others think that all Senterii are avatars of one shape shifting god named Senter. The Senterii are divided into High Senter and Lesser Senter. Each Senterii has their own symbol that followers will wear.

High Senter

The Senterii of High Senter are four gods that almost everybody on Vamania agree exist. They are split into two pairs. One evil pair and one good pair, but which is which is determined by which race you are.

Suri and Elmaar

Suri and Elmaar are seen as the good gods by the races of the day, like humans and şüräles. Suri is the Goddess of Light and Elmaar is the God of Silver. Suri appears as a black-skinned woman with hair of gold while Elmaar is a fully armored knight that shines like silver. Suri's symbol is a firefly inside a sun. Elmaar's symbol is a silver stake crossed with a sword.

Lunda and Eldond

Lunda and Eldond are seen as the good gods by the races of the night, like lycans and vampires. Lunda is the God of Darkness and Eldond is the Goddess of Blood. Lunda is copper-skinned man with long black hair while Eldond is a monstrous woman with a thousand bleeding wounds. Lunda's symbol is seven black stars in an arch around a red moon. Eldond's symbol is a three red teardrops above one blue teardrop.

Lesser Senter

The Senterii of Lesser Senter are hundreds of local gods, each village has at least one. While not everyone believes in the same Senterii of Lesser Senter, they are still important to their believers. There are only six that the state officially recognizes as canon.


Kring is a trickster deity that according to Senter faith is the source of all magic in Tegai. Kring is said to give magic to the residents of Tegai to spite the Senterii of High Senter, as they won’t accept her among them. She is a beautiful woman with features of both vampire and human. Her symbol is an upside-down bucket.


Hein is the leader of the Grim Reapers and considered a God of Death. He is considered neither good or evil, as the Vamanians believe that a soul is constantly reincarnated after Death. He is a skinny cloaked figure. His symbol is a scythe and hourglass.

Delm and Dracul

Delm and Dracul are two rival gods. Delm is the father of werewolves and lycans, while Dracul is the father of vampires and dhampirs. The races of the day surprisingly don’t see Delm and Dracul as evil, as many consider them as the keepers of balance between the races of the night, allowing neither one to overpower the island. Delm is a seven-foot tall wolfman while dracul is a five-foot tall vampire-like man. Delm's symbol is a wolf's head. Dracul's symbol is a bat covered in blood.


Nemes is a protector Goddess of the races of the day. She is a revenge goddess, and once you are on her list, there is no escape. She is a horned woman that carries a large goedendag. Her symbol is a scroll crossed with shackles.


Atel is a Goddess of hunters. She is the patron of Vampire slayers. Many a mortal has seen their success-rates in facing the supernatural raise by sacrificing to her. She is a small blue-skinned woman. Her symbol is a broken crossbow.