Amazonia is the collective name for the part of the world controlled by the three Amazon tribes. Maps hide the fact that their borders are not nearly as clear cut as human borders. Amazon society is based on a collection of city states forming a league that answer to a single queen. The city state the queen resides in is considered the capital of the other city states. There are currently three Amazon queens, each with their own city states that answer to them. Human mapmakers divide these city states with the nearest natural borders to give the impression of three nation states. The Western, Southern and Eastern Amazones. There once existed a fourth Northern tribe under the line of Axel, but they have since been wiped out.

Southern Tribe

The Southern Tribe, under the line of Revenex, is an Amazon tribe bound together by a complete hatred for outside species, especially humans. They will execute other species for just setting foot in their cities. There is an exception for mermaids and trolls, but they are put under many restrictions while there. The southern tribes is very species focussed and has tried to put all the other city states under their banner. During these wars they wiped out the line of Axel and with it the Northern Tribe. Many of their conquered cities have since rebelled and joined the Western or Eastern tribe.

Eastern Tribe

The Eastern Tribe, under the line of Uluxis, is a very neutrality-based tribe. While they do not interfere in outside wars, they do defend themselves with the heaviest weaponry they can find. Other species are tolerated in their territory, but must ask special permission before entering cities.

Western Tribe

The Western Tribe, under the line of Elixia, is the most tolerant of the amazones. Other species are welcome in their cities and treated with hospitality. This welcomeness does not mean they are weak though, if war does break out they are some of the fiercest warriors in Tegai. The Western Amazones are also opportunistic, and have no honor-based reluctance against allying with nymphs or humans like they did in the Elixia-Revenex war for the remains of Axel. In this war it seemed like the Southern Amazones were going to win, till the Western Amazones allied themselves with Aricia.

Human Beachhead

The Human Beachhead is a small independent nation established by the AAA (Anti-Amazon Army). The AAA is a group of Latsian Veterans, Former Mercenaries, Freedom Fighters and Exiled Soldiers from many nations. They are a military dictatorship under the leadership of a Great General. They have conquered some of the land in Northern-Amazonia from which they attempt to expand. They never really manage though. It is thought that the Human Beachhead might not exist for much longer since the Latsian Empire has withdrawn its support for the AAA as a result of the new treaty with the Western Tribe. The Southern Amazones are already making preparation for conquest. Future generations will probably regard them as little more than a footnote in history.