Triregnism, also known as the Faith of Three Kingdoms, is the state religion of Allegoy. Triregnists believe in three Godly kingdoms. Cloudsreach in the heavens, Paredan far into the unmapped lands and Infernis deep underground. The three kingdoms compete with each other for the loyalty of mortal souls. Triregnists believe that there are seven virtues (Temperance, Charity, Chastity, Forgiveness, Kindness, Humility and Diligence) and seven sins (Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Wrath, Envy, Pride and Sloth). These seven sins and virtues keep eachother in balance. The concept of these seven sins and seven virtues have since become a global concept thanks to the influence of Allegoy and their infectious nature.

The Big Three

The Big Three are the three creator gods of Triregnism. They are Jenos, Ibilios and Abalos. After creating Tegai, the three of them had a falling out. They decided it would be best to stay away from each other, so each of them made their own kingdom far away from the others. It is predicted that one day during an event called the Armageddon, the three kingdoms will start a war that destroys Tegai.


Abalos is the youngest of the three brothers. He moved far into the unmapped lands and created his kingdom of Pareden. His kingdom is described as a great garden with all the food growing on trees and all the animals living in peace with each other. He rules his kingdom fairly democratically with elected representatives of the dead getting votes on the proposals of his twelve councillors and him having a veto role.


Jenos is the oldest of the three brothers. He moved into the heavens and created his kingdom of Cloudsreach. Cloudsreach is a kingdom of light build on solid cloud. Jenos rules his kingdom as an absolute monarch. He is a jealous god and demands complete loyalty from his followers.


Ibilios is the middle child of the three brothers. He moved deep underground and created his kingdom of Infernis. This is a kingdom of fire and ice split into seven provinces surrounding a capital. He was a dictator, but found himself overthrown and banished by the seven princes. Since being overthrown he has been locked in a dungeon far beneath the capital.

The Twelve Councillors

The Twelve Councillors are the twelve most important people in the kingdom of Pareden besides Abalos. They take care of most of the day to day administration and are the only ones other than Abalos himself that can make proposals to change the laws. Of course their proposals are never automatically accepted. A councillor can make a proposal once at least six other councillors sign onto the proposal. Once this is achieved the proposal will be presented to a grand gathering with the twelve councillors, three elected Djinn, five elected Reapers, 15 elected minor creatures of Abalos and 360 elected representatives of the dead. If the proposal gets a majority here, it is presented to Abalos. Abalos can then decide to put it into action or veto it.

Ivana and Aaron

Ivana is the first female and Aaron is the first male. The two are some of the oldest creatures created by the three brothers. When the three brothers split up, Ivana and Aaron decided to go with Abalos to Pareden. While in Pareden, Aaron was given the task to name all the animals, while Ivana had to name all the plants and fungi. As representatives of the very concepts of male and female, Abalos decided to promote them to the position of Councillor.


Abren, also known as the Great Judge, has the responsibility of judging souls that arrive in Pareden. Abren was the first person created by Abalos when he arrived in Pareden. Abren remembers every name and knows everyone. As such she was a perfect candidate for the twelve councillors.


Zeriel is a being with silver wings. It is said that when Jenos and Abalos created the angels, they were made in her image. Zeriel is death personified and is considered even older than the three brothers. While nicknamed the Angel of Death, she is technically not an angel herself. Her husband is Hein, the leader of the Reapers. She joined Abalos in Pareden on the condition that she would get a position as Councillor.


Hein is the husband of Zeriel and leader of the Reapers. The Reapers are a race created by Zeriel and Abalos to guide the dead to their afterlives. For their importance the Reapers get to elect five representatives to the grand gathering. While reapers can appear in any form they like, Hein prefers the shapes of a cloaked skeleton with a scythe, an old white gravedigger in rags or a dark-skinned woman in red dress with a skull painted on her face.


Dijin is the father of the Djinn, a race of demons that abandoned Ibilios, the creator of all demons, and joined Abalos. Djinn are described as humanoid with a snake like tail and the ability to grant wishes. As a reward for their service they get to elect three representatives to the grand gathering and Dijin was made a councillor.


When the armies of the three brothers had to pick which kingdom to serve after the split, many of the great generals followed Ibilios or Jenos. The only one that didn’t was Mommed. Mommed decided to throw his lot in with Abalos, and as a reward for this he was named the Warlord of all Pareden’s forces. When the council was established, he was the first to claim his seat.


Abin is the son of Mommed and a great philosopher. He was noticed by Abalos for his wisdom and made a councillor. He is the writer of twelve of the 108 holy books in the Triregnist faith.


Maarik is the warden of the great prison of Pareden where the souls judged as evil by Abren get locked up. He is an angel, a race of winged lesser gods created by Jenos and Abalos to serve them. His wings are golden to signify him as an angel of Pareden. As the one in charge of the prison, he was made a councillor. He is assisted by the Zabiniyyans.

The Zabiniyyans

The Zabiniyyans are 19 golden winged angels of unknown gender that assist Maarik in running his prison. They have discarded their original names, and taken the name of a punishment. The 19 are: Guillotine, Noose, Iron Maiden, Breaking Wheel, Impalement, Stoning, Pyre, Dungeon, Stockade, Castration, Gas Chamber, Whipping, Rack, Quartering, Oubliette, Flaying, Crucifixion, Amputation and Magic Nullification.


Munkankir is a two-headed golden winged angel and the daughter of Maarik and Abren. She is responsible for questioning a soul when they get to Pareden. When the soul is brought before Abren, Munkankir’s two heads will argue both for and against the soul being send to the great prison. After her arguments are done, Abren will decide the soul’s fate. She was made one of the twelve councillors for her ability to both argue for and against any proposal.


Baqas, also known as the First Beast, the Giant Animal and the King of Fauna, is one of the first creations of the three brothers. Baqas lived in the land that would become Pareden before Abalos and was made one of the twelve councillors to appease him and his kind, though he shows little interest in making proposals. He is described as a giant hippopotamus with the head of an Ox and tusks the size of pine trees. His tail is thick and long and able to be used as a whip.


Rodwa is the angel that guards Pareden. He keeps the gardens and watches the walls. He is a golden-winged angel and one of the twelve councillors. It is said that the reason that no body has ever found Pareden is because Rodwa captures and kills any mortal that gets to close.


Kidir is the watcher of the waters and the gifter of magic. He is a golden-winged angel that gives magic to the mortal world. He is also called the Man on the Moon as he often flies up and sits on the moon to watch over his beloved seas. Only Abalos knows why he made Kidir a councillor, as he shows no particular leadership skills. It is whispered that Kidir and Abalos are very close, but if this is true, both hide it well.


Gesos is both the son and part of Jenos. He is an exact copy of his father made to carry out his father's will. He came down to Tegai and was burned at the stake to cleanse Jenos' believers of sin. He is predicted to be one of three survivors of Armageddon with Demamen and Zeriel. The three of them will then recreate the world anew.


The Arches are the four most important angels serving Jenos in Cloudsreach. They are sometimes called the children of Jenos, though their real parentage, like all first generation angels is from the great egg created by Jenos and Abalos together. All angels belonging to Cloudsreach are white-winged.


Marsel, sometimes called The Enforcer, is often called the strongest of the angels. He is white-winged with a golden set of armor and long blonde locks. He carries a sword of solid fire and a shield infused with a part of Jenos. He is Jenos’ favourite angel and the leader of the offensive forces of Cloudsreach. It is said that he will be the one to start the Armageddon when he kills Morgenstra and is killed by Zeriel leaving the armies in the hands of Gesos.

The Seraphim

The Seraphim are four winged angels in service of Marsel. They are the children of Rafa and and Ursa and serve as commanders in the Cloudsreach army.


Ursa is a white-winged angel with black armor and mud brown hair. She was never meant to be one of the Arches. She is a replacement for Morgenstra. Morgenstra was the best friend of Jenos, but betrayed him when Jenos declared himself an absolute monarch. After leaving, Ursa was made one of the arches and charged with maintaining the defenses of Cloudsreach. She ripped out her own heart and replaced it with ice to rid herself of emotion. She became cold and calculated as a result and the greatest tactical mind of Cloudsreach.


Rafa is a white-winged angel in purple ropes with long black hair. He acts like a woman and could be confused for one. He has the power of instant healing and is the grand medic of Cloudsreach. It is said that he is the only one able to get some control over Ursa.


Garos is a redheaded angel with white wings and simple leather armor made from a patch of skin he carved out of Baqas. Garos is the fastest of the angels and is the messenger of Jenos. He spends as much time on Tegai as in Cloudsreach as he advises the kings of Allegoy, the priests of Jenos’ churches and the commoner prophets.

The Seven Princes of Infernis

The Seven Princes of Infernis is a group of seven usurpers that rebelled against Ibilios and won. They took control of Infernis and banished the old dictator to a dungeon far beneath the capital that they call the pit of the damned. Each of the seven princes rules one of the provinces of Infernis, keeping the capital as neutral ground ruled by all seven.


Morgenstra is the prince of the province of Pride. He is the leader of the black-winged angels of Infernis, also referred to as the fallen. Morgenstra originally sided with Jenos during the three way split, but couldn’t live with Jenos proclaiming himself as an absolute monarch. He launched a rebellion against Jenos but was defeated by Ursa in combat. He avoided capture and fled with his fellow rebels. He arrived in Infernis with the plans to overthrow Ibilios and take Infernis for himself. He however couldn’t do this without allies. He made friends with Demamen who proposed the idea of the Seven Princes system. Morgenstra agreed and together their forces defeated Ibilios. They took Ibilios and those loyal to him and threw them into the pit of the damned. Morgenstra still thinks of angels as higher than demons and thinks he should be the true king of infernis, but has learned to accept his place as one of the seven.


Hasaden is the prince of the province of Wrath. Hasaden is the son of Ibilios and saw himself as the true heir of Infernis. Figuring that he would never inherit the throne as his father was eternal, he began plans of rebellion. Demamen alerted him to the possible alliance with Morgenstra. She also convinced him that they should go for Seven Princes so the leadership could be filled with demons so that Morgenstra’s influence would be minimal. This however also minimized Hasaden’s own influence. Hasaden had expected the other demon princes to recognize him as the true king of demons, but they did not. Hasaden acted out and became a malcontent among the Seven Princes for centuries before finally accepting his role.


Levius is the prince of the province of Envy. Levius is a leviathan. Leviathan are a species of giant underground immortal serpents. While technically not demons, they do look demonic. There are only a few Leviathan, but they were powerful enough to tip the scale in favor of the Seven Princes during the rebellion. Demamen convinced the other demon leaders and Morgenstra that they should allow the Leviathan to elect one of their own as prince so they could ensure the loyalty of the great serpents. Levius was the one elected.


Baalzu, the father of plagues, is the prince of the province of Gluttony. Baalzu is a demon that was once worshipped as a god. He lost his status through the meddling of Jenos and became bitter. He grew a hatred for Ibilios because Ibilios kept defending his brother. Baalzu created plagues and released them into the world in retaliation. He also started gathering a following among the demons that were sick and tired of Ibilios’ rule. He was the first rebel and it was his bases that the Seven Princes used in their initial attacks. Demamen joined Baalzu’s rebellion and offered to bring him powerful allies if he would agree to the Seven Princes system that she had thought up. He agreed and send Demamen to find him his allies.


Elpher is the prince of the province of Sloth. She was born as an ugly, but rich, male imp. Imps are very minor demons, but have numbers on their side. When still just an imp, she went to the powerful demon Prutur and asked him for a deal. Prutur agreed and after being paid an incredible amount of wealth, Elpher asked Prutur to make him beautiful. Prutur gave Elpher a beautiful body, but made the imp female in the process as a joke. Elpher was furious and gathered power for revenge. She learned the power of clever deal making and made many deals with mortals. Elpher became powerful became the queen of imps. She also recruited several powerful beings, including the two god-like golems Rubios and Sapphiros. Elpher learned of Demamen’s plans and approached her with the offer of her help. Demamen and Elpher made a deal. Elpher would receive the Prince title instead of Prutur, if she supported the rebellion. Elpher’s imps overwhelmed Ibilios’ personal guards during the final battle and she captured Ibilios for the Seven Princes.


Demamen is the prince of the province of Greed. She designed the concept of the Seven Princes and as such proclaimed herself as one of them. She made sure to carve out her province to contain both Infernis’ best mines and greatest farmlands while keeping it the smallest so the other princes would not notice. According to legend she was born when money was invented. Demamen is a financial genius and one of the richest beings in Tegai. She personally financed the rebellion of the Seven Princes and where the other princes had loyal followings, her army consisted purely of mercenaries, paid assassins and hedge knights. If you want to ask the princes for a favor, go to Elpher, but if you want a loan, ask Demamen.


Asmora is the prince of the province of Lust. Asmora is the leader of the incubi and succubi. He controls the greatest spy network in Infernis and was therefore invaluable to the rebellion. He was offered a spot among the princes so that the rebellion could make use of this network. Asmora is in love with the angel Samyan.

The Fourteen Hands

The Fourteen Hands are the people responsible for the day-to-day management of the provinces. The Seven Princes often have to spend long periods of time in the capital, and the fourteen hands take responsibility during this time. Each prince gets to pick a left hand and a right hand. The right hand is responsible for the civil administration of the province while the left hand takes care of the military.


Zezel is the right hand of Morgenstra. He is said to have been the first angel to leave the egg and will be the last one to die at Armageddon. When Morgenstra dies at the hands of Marsel, Zezel will take his place. Zezel is an excellent burocrat and is often seen as Infernis' best administrator.


Endreal is the daughter of Zezel and friend to humanity. She will take over her father’s position as right hand when her father becomes Prince of Pride during Armageddon. Endreal is a fairly young angel and thinks it unfair she was born fallen. Many humans agree to this and have started a cult in her honor.


Xaflame is a fire-winged angel that killed the Father of Hellfire and cast his body into the pit of the damned during the rebellion of the Seven Princes. As a result her wings became Hellfire and she became the new producer of the substance. She serves as Morgenstra’s left hand and will do the same for Zezel.


Caron is the right hand of Hasaden. Caron is also known as the great ferryman who makes sure the dead souls bound for Infernis get to where they need to be. He is one of the oldest demons in Infernis and was one of Ibilios' advisors before he turned sides.


Irkus is the brother of Hasaden and his left hand. Irkus is the only one of the 250 sons of Ibilios that sided with Hasaden during the rebellion.


Mephios is the right hand of Levius. He is a hybrid between a fallen angel and a demon that swore loyalty to the great leviathan. He is cunning, intelligent and charismatic. Mephios is known to take pleasure in tricking mortals.


Bemod is the wife and left hand of Levius. She is a leviathan like her husband and the biggest of their kind.


Istus is a winged demon that has served Baalzu since he was still considered a god. She has been with the rebellion since day one and now serves as his right hand.


Legos is the left hand of Baalzu. He is a collection of thousands of souls fuzed into one body. This was an experiment by Ibilios to make a warrior that could crush the rebellion. This backfired when Legos immediately joined the rebellion.

Rubios and Sapphiros

Rubios and Sapphiros are the right and left hands of Elpher. They are god-like golems. Rubios is a golem of clay, while Sapphiros is made of metals. While technically each having their own role, they are quite flexible and will often perform each other’s duties when the other is better fit for the task. Officially Rubios is the left hand, and Sapphiros the right hand.


Lis was the former wife of Aaron. She abandoned him and became a servant of Demamen. She is now the right hand of Demamen and also takes responsibility for taking the souls judged as forsaken to the pit of the damned, where she throws them in to live with Ibilios.


Prutur was the leader of a giant demonic mercenary band. He made a deal with Elpher to make Elpher beautiful, but turned him into a woman. Elpher bided her time and ultimately politicked him out of his Prince title. He found this amusing and gladly stepped aside. For his service and understanding, Demamen named him as her left hand.


Samyan is a fallen angel and the right hand of Asmora. Asmora is in love with him, but Samyan does not return the feelings. Samyan did accept the position of Asmora’s right hand and uses his angelic charm to keep the incubus at his beckon. If it weren't for Succubin, Samyan might have taken over Asmora's princely title a long time ago.


Succubin is the first succubus and left hand of Asmora. She also leads his spy network. She is the only thing standing between Samyan and the throne of lust.