Secular Organisations

Secular organisations are not bound by religion and operate on state sponsorship or independently.


Zilver Defenders

A special order that are the personal retinue of the King of Zilverrijk. They serve many roles, from military spies to advanced scouts of the army core.

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Black Hope

A former mercenary company that became a permanent knightly order of Zilverrijk. They are said to be the best of the best.

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Fair Hope

A special military auxiliary organization that serve outside of the normal legion structure of the empire.

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Latsian Empire

The Magi

An organisation of high-level sorcerers lead by the Red Magi and the Green Magi. They dedicate their lives to protecting the floating island from all threats inside and outside.

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Alchemists Guild

The leading authority on research into alchemy. Mages and scholars come together to practice high level alchemy.

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Lands of the Moon

Iskiut Base

A secret research facility focused on the creation of super soldiers for the Mandarian army. While initially showing great success, some recent incidents have greatly reduced the trust it has.

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