Brineina is not a nation, but a union of nations. The nations within Brineina are allowed to wage war upon each other, ally themselves with outside forces and have their own foreign policies. The only real rule is that if one of its members is attacked by an outside force, all other members should combine forces to help them.


Anglos is the biggest nation in Brineina and has tried to have their king crowned Emperor of Brineina on multiple occassions. They are famed for breeding some of the world’s greatest magic users. They live in a very class-based society, but rather then birth deciding your class, it is the amount of magic power one has. The king can only be of the highest class, so it is always dangerous to fight the king.

Lands of the Moon

The Lands of the Moon are the most technically advanced of the nations of Brineina and as such are powerful enough to be on par with bigger nations like Anglos and Sconia. They could easily take the spot of the most powerful if they weren’t plagued by interior conflict and corruption. With the old king recently deceased, there has arrived a state of interregnum with each powerful faction pushing their own candidate.

Icepepper Isle

By all rights, Icepepper Isle is too small for any nation to survive. Their only luck is the balance of power. Icepper Isle is the only place where Icepeppers grow. Icepeppers are very wanted and as such a very strategic resource. Thanks to this, whenever Anglos, Sconia or the Lands of the Moon attempt to invade, the other two will jump in to defend it.


Normians are by nature raiders. They have the largest navy in Brineina, but these ships are mostly used for quick raids on unsuspecting villages. While once a kingdom, they now choose their leader, though only the captains of the greatest fleets (the jarls) get a vote. The chosen leader is called the oberjarl.

Frost Island

Frost Island is not a rich or very powerful nation, but they do have one thing going for them. Frost Island has the biggest spy network in the world. It is said that they have assassinated many world leaders who got the idea to go after them. Suspected people assassinated by Frostic spies are King Uller of Anglos, Emperor Draco Marcus Canos Augustus Argentium Telaminus Scorpio of the Latsian Empire, Prince Zhang Chou of Mandaria, Grand Mage Durnak of Zilverrijk and The Seventh Pirate King.


Trolltopia is unique in the Brineinan union in that it is the only member that is not (officially) run by humans. Trolls govern Trolltopia, and by all accounts, they are doing a pretty good job at it.


Sconia is the great rival of Anglos. Even though Sconia is smaller in size, it might be the more powerful one thanks to its diplomacy, as it has more allies and more sway in the union. Sconia has a tradition of kilts. Thanks to this, it is often joked that Sconian women wear the pants because the men don’t dare to do so.

Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle is a mysterious place of great magic and natural power. It is said that even though the Emerald Isle is a human republic, it is really ruled by the Ancient Elves that made it their home.


Seemount is a place of great wilderness and many sheep. It is home to a warrior tribe that believe that consuming their defeated foes will give them their power. Other than this, they are fairly civilized and democratic. The country is lead by a council of nine chiefs chosen by their tribes and overseen by the great mother who is chosen by these chiefs. The only official qualification someone needs to be the great mother is that they have given birth to at least one son and one daughter. Though in practice the nine chiefs prefer to choose one of their own wives or mothers.