The Court

The Court of El-Quam is the center of quamian politics. It refers to those that have lived for at least part of their lives at the great palace city in Al-Jazīrah that are not official Officials or Royals. There are very few legends and notables who don't fit this criteria outside the before mentioned groups.

Jadzia Zaman

Jadzia is a court bellydancer and Sultan Saafir’s favourite. She is the younger sister of Grand Vizier Zairah and might be a tool for Zairah to keep an eye on the Sultan while she works. Jadzia is a beautiful copper skinned girl with long black hair and a naughty smile.

Yar Abid

Yar is Sultan Saafir’s personal servant and possible lover. As such he has a great influence over the Sultan second only to Grand Vizier Zairah. While not directly in charge of anything, Saafir often values Yar’s advice, especially in matters of finance. Yar is a genius in mathematics and economy. Yar is sometimes called the prettiest girl at court, because of his very feminine appearance and fondness of silken clothes.


Iba is a djinn-like demoness that is tied to the floating island that El-Quam is situated on. It is even said that Iba is the reason that the island floats. She is known to be able to grant wishes and wisdom to those that seek her out, which has lead the magis to seal her in the palace. As a result only the Sultan and most elite magis can freely seek her guidance.