Monsters and great beasts

Tegai knows many legends of great beasts and monsters that form obstacles to the Tegaian races. These monsters are sometimes an unusual member of a known species, but sometimes they are also unique beings created by the gods. They often serve as tests for heroes and rulers to determine their worth.

The White Stag

The White Stag is a legendary white buck with an incredibly strong connection to magic. The white stag was created by the goddess Hert. Tyson, god of monsters, challenged Hert to create something that was harder to hunt then his monsters. Hert made the stag a master of escape, proving that something that runs, hides and disappears is much harder to hunt then something that simply fights back. After this, Hert gave the white stag to Semnis on the funeral of her husband. Semnis granted the white stag with wisdom and named him Ymir. Ymir learned how to take a human form and move through mortal society, or so it’s said. Many hunters from all over Tegai still seek to take down the white stag to prove themselves as heroes.

The Horned Woman

The Horned Woman is a legendary creature of unknown origin. It is said that she appears as a woman with long black hair and a crown of horns adorning her head. She will pick a person that is not in a relationship, most often a man, and stalk that person till an opportunity arises. When the opportunity does come, she’ll approach her target. If the target is mean, rejecting or hostile, she will kill him. If a target is nice and polite she will attempt to start a romantic relationship with her target. If the target agrees to this, she will start to kill everyone else around the target. The horned woman seems impervious to damage and ageless. The best way to avoid loss of life around you when you are the target is to politely tell her that you are not ready for a relationship yet. After she leaves, you should remain single for at least two years to make sure that she has lost interest and moved on to a new target. If the horned woman is told that her target is not ready for a relationship, and the target then starts a relationship behind her back to soon after, she will kill both her target and their partner. Sightings of the Horned Woman can be found in legends from Ippo to the Gracian Hook, but only really came to international fame after a series of noble murders in which Crown-Prince Jonathan Torat, Shogun Saruwatari Sasuke, Lord Stef Frary of Deepharbour, Consul Drago Frankus Dioli and Lord Yuri Igorevich of Yeti Hunt lost their lives.


Stunter is the last of the giant turtles that appeared during The Ousting of the Giants. He is often spotted swimming around the waters of the known world. His current path leads him along the eastern islands of Zilverrijk towards Brineina. Stunter is so large that trees and plants grow all over his shell. These plants seem to share their nutrients with the turtle through photosynthesis. The turtle will also consume sea creatures that swim into his mouth thinking it is a cave. Stunter is large enough to swallow a leedsichthys or shonisaurus whole. Though never witnessed, some even think Stunter able to consume blue whales in one piece. The nickname Stunter was given to it by the scholar Jacques Vermillion, who would later die when his ship came to close to the creature’s mouth during a research journey, in his work ‘The Biggest of Animals’.

Old Red Eyes

Old Red Eyes is a giant nekker that stalks the Zilveric countryside. The creature has been spotted from IJsvlakte to Lux-La-Süd. Like most nekkers, it is very introverted and illusive. Old Red Eyes is held responsible for several disappearances as it is rumored that the reason for his size is that he hunts and eats other sentients.


Meatbull is a carnotaur-type dinosaur that was brought to Emerald Isle. The dinosaur died on the journey and was revived creating the first known undead dinosaur. He escaped his masters and runs free over the island. Meatbull is very dangerous to the island’s inhabitants and many adventurers have tried to destroy him. They never seems to keep him down.