Feral vampires

There are many vampires in Vamania. Feral vampires are those that have left the system. They are either master vampire that broke the rules or servant vampires that refused to obey their masters. They live outside the vampire society and a lot of them go into a bloodfrenzy as they start to starve without a reliable way to get blood. The lucky ones get adopted into other societies or find another way of getting blood.

Birgit Martyr

Birgit is the older sister and former servant vampire of Pattern Martyr. She was born blind and as a result her parents decided to bind her to her little brother so he could care for her. Birgit however turned out to be fiercely independant and ran away from home. She became a bandit and mercenary and has surrounded herself with followers that willingly give their blood to feed her.

Cyanetta Papaimento

Cyanetta "Little Blue" Papaimento is a servant vampire that instead of binding herself to a master vampire, bound herself to a dhampir. She joined the dhampir Shina Zilana in her effort to protect innocent vampires from the ruthless vampire hunters.


The vampire known as Emely was captured by the Badger. Where most vampires would have been killed, Emely seemed to have convinced the Badger to spare her. She now simply serves as Badger's weapon and helps the hunter kill other vampires. She is very recognizable by her blue hair, marking her as a descendant of Kring, which she wears in two buns.