Diseases and afflictions

Tegai knows many diseases and afflictions. Some familiar, some very outlandish. Medicine is a delicate art in Tegai and requires years of schooling. Their are other ways to heal, like Shamanism, Magic and in some cases Khaospower. While modern medicine proves is less reliable, it is much easier to come by and good enough.


Lycanthropy is probably the most famous affliction in Tegai. Hominids with lycanthropy get the ability to transform into wolves, get a strange fascination with the moon and become nocturnal. While Lycanthropy has the pro of making the afflicted more powerful, it does come with a set of cons. Werewolves, the name for people afflicted with Lycanthropy, get a deadly allergy to silver. Werewolves also have parts of their brain change. While this gives them heightened smell and hearing, they lose color vision. Werewolves also often become sterile and have to cope with anger management problems. There have been many rumors of other types of Lycanthropy like: Werebears, Werepigs, Werecrows, Weresharks and Wereunicorns. Only two of these have been proven to exist though. A nymph infected with Lycanthropy will become a Werecrocodile, while an elf infected will become a Werelion. These cases are extremely rare, as the affliction only naturally occurs in hominids. The nymphs and elves that were infected were always artificially infected by scholars or alchemists.


Fireitch is one of the most common diseases in Tegai. While not deadly, it does weaken the immune system and thus leaves the door open for more serious conditions. Fireitch causes red rashes on the skin that itch, as well as making sufferers feel hot and tired.

The five plagues

The five plagues are the most deadly diseases in Tegai. They are so deadly because they affect almost every sentient species. The plagues have been relatively tame in the modern era, but do still sometimes flare up.

The black plague

The black plague is the most successful of the five plagues and almost caused the extinction of Nativans, Western Amazones and Wild Elves.


Skinrot is a deadly plague that causes the skin to slowly turn pale before rupturing and leaking pus and blood. It was one of the first plagues and is sometimes given as the reason for the extinction of the Shadow Nymphs and Giants, though neither claim is proven.


Lungflood is a plague that causes the lungs of the sufferer to slowly start filling up with blood. The first signs are often simple things like coughs and shortness of breath, which means it is often discovered too late. When lungflood advances far enough it becomes untreatable and the sufferer will start to cough up and spew out blood before becoming completely unable to breath.

The silent killer

The silent killer, also sometimes called Tom’s Assassin after King Tom I Viets of Zilverrijk, who died from the disease, is a plague that spreads quickly and without notice. The disease lives in a person for years without causing any harm, it even actively simulates good health, making a sufferer seem fitter than ever before. This is all lies however. The disease can turn bad in an instant, and when it does the victim’s heart will implode and death will follow in seconds.

God fever

God fever is a magical disease that spreads quicker among users of magic and khaospower than among others. It causes the afflicted person to lose control off their magic, while having their magic power enhanced. While this is not always deadly, the deadliness of the disease occurs in the loss of control. The disease causes the afflicted to randomly cast spells that can result in the sufferer killing himself or others.

The sniffles

The Sniffles are a mild disease that causes itchy, teary eyes; a running nose and the loss of your voice. Even though it is by no means a deadly disease, it is still a very strong one as it can infect any warm blooded animal. It is also impossible to cure or heal once infected. It will remain in a host for one or two weeks and then move on.

Mantis swelling

Mantis swelling is an STD that is only deadly for males. It is an Elven disease but has since jumped to humans and amazones as well. The disease affects the male genitalia making it red, swollen and painful. From the male genitalia it then spreads to the bladder and kidneys were it causes severe kidney failure and death. Females are not affected by the disease but can become carriers if they have sex with an infected male or another carrier female. The disease is named after the praying mantis, were a female kills the male after sex.

Vura’s rage

Vura’s rage is a disease that affects Orcs. It drives them mad and turns off their pain receptors. An infected orc will go berserk and attack whatever is around him till they or it are dead. It is named after the Wild Elven goddess of Fire who is credited with creating it.

Mindless possession

Mindless possession is an affliction that is caused by a rare parasite created by the demon leaders. Infection with the parasite turns it’s host into a mindless shell. Demons use this parasite to prepare an intended victim for easier possession.