The First Gods

The First Gods are a group of very old gods, evidence for their worship exists since the beginning of recorded history and even before that. Cultists who worship these gods come from all species and all over Tegai. Many of these cultists believe that the First Gods were, well, the first and that the other gods are descendants of the First Gods or uplifted mortals from known and unknown species. There are two groups of First Gods, the Chaoskin and the Sealed Ones. The First Gods have both a mortal name and a true name. Mortals use the mortal name because the true names of these gods are near impossible to pronounce. While the First Gods are neither and both genders, mortals tend to identify them as either more male or more female.

The Chaoskin

The Chaoskin are the First Gods that sided with Khaos during the War for Everything. During the War for Everything the Chaoskin won and got to make the universe how Khaos wanted it.


Khaos, true name Klsha’oxes, also known as the Eternal Queen, is the leader of the Chaoskin and the creator of Tegai. Her body is the void that surrounds the worlds. She is able to project herself into the world for her own purposes. She is thought to be good, but good is a mortal concept.


Nynox, true name Nyxksonotdx, also known as the Nightmother, is one of the most powerful of the Chaoskin, sometimes declared even more powerful than Khaos herself. Khaos impregnated Nynox in order to create her perfect enforcer. Nynox then birthed Rhamnesis and Hypon for Khaos. When Khaos took everything in the War for Everything, Nynox became afraid that Khaos would come to view her as a threat and attempt to seal her away. She hid herself in complete darkness to avoid having to face Khaos.


Rhamnesis, true name Rgham’nemsiis, also known as the God’s Nemesis, is Khaos’ perfect enforcer. She was the second child of Nynox and Khaos. She wields a force called Karma, with which she bestows gifts upon those that preserve Khaos’ interests and inflicts harm to those who do not.


Hypon, true name H’phmon, also known as the Dreamwalker and the Sandman, is the first child of Khaos and Nynox. He was considered a disappointment by Khaos, so Nynox was allowed to do with him as she wished. Nynox raised Hypon lovingly and introduced him to the land of dreams, where he wields complete power.


Image, true name Ijmaaaghe, also known as the Drawer, is the god that wields the pen of creation. She was the first of the First Gods to join Khaos in the War for Everything, and as such enjoys a great deal of freedom and trust from Khaos. She is said to have created Tegai so that Khaos could shape it. She is the only creature allowed to freely enter and leave the Void.

Seck Ande

Seck Ande, true name Shrtek’handreg, also known as Father Time, is responsible for keeping the gears of time turning. He is said to be inseparable from Mat Ayan and their intermingling is believed to be the cause of black holes. He is represented as a giant bearded man with an open stomach full of turning gears.

Mat Ayan

Mat Ayan, true name Ma’at’ay’an, also known as the Big Bang, is responsible to forever stretch out space so that Khaos can fill it with more and more things. She is said to be inseparable from Seck Ande. Mat Ayan is represented as a slender purely black being curling around Seck Ande.


Duweno, true name Dwno, also known as the Force, is a relatively powerless god. Though he has the potential to be the most powerful. Duweno can only unlock his true potential through Vomira. It is said that this is because of his love for her. He is said to be the creator of Gravity and Electricity.


Vomira, true name V’mrra, also known as the Great Wirl and the Heatsource, is the child of Mat Ayan and Seck Ande. She was born from the biggest Black Hole and as such is in complete control of the energy in the universe. For some reason, the closer she comes to Duweno, the more powerful the other god becomes.


Ai, true name Ao’ii, also known as the First Thief and the Blue Schemer, is said to be the god of everything evil. Evil however is a mortal concept, and Khaos does not think Ai's actions to be against her interest. Ai is Rhamnesis’ rival and both compete for the fear and love of lesser gods and powerful mortals. Ai is in love with Rhamnesis’ parent Nynox, and will do anything that the older god asks of her. She is the child of two Sealed Ones, Margus and Gersonisos. She betrayed her parents in the War for Everything at a crucial point, which lead to Khaos’ victory.

Bronko Tikar

Bronko Tikar, true name Bronghko’tilkr, also known as the Lord of Order, takes the shape of a great hulking monster. He was created by Khaos when she impregnated the Sealed One Elmagor. Bronko Tikar was charged by Khaos to contain the chaos in the universe and thus prevent the universe from bursting. He takes this job very seriously and creates order at all costs.


Aergus, true name Aerg’ia’ussex, also known as the Great Nightmare and the Sleeping Empress, is the queen of the land of dreams. The land of dreams remained neutral for a long time during the War for Everything, till Nynox intervened. Nynox introduced her child Hypon to the land of dreams, and Aergus fell in love with him. Aergus joined Khaos to be close to Hypon. Though Aergus and the land of dreams made no big difference in the grand scheme of the war, Khaos still rewarded her with a place in the universe.

The Sealed Ones

The Sealed Ones are the First Gods that either actively sided against Khaos during the War for Everything or tried to remain neutral. Because Khaos didn’t want them to destroy what she had created, she sealed these gods away. A lot are forgotten and thus doomed to stay imprisoned forever, but some are still known to mortals and worshipped by them. The worship of the mortals weaken their seals and makes them able to influence the universe. This in turn gives them hope that they will one day be released.


Acvelbekus, true name Acc’vhelbh’xux, also known as the Tentacled Eye, was neutral during the War for Everything, and still regrets that. Her power could have tipped the scales into the opposition’s favor. She didn’t count on Khaos turning on the neutral gods after sealing away her opposers. Acvelbekus didn’t lose hope though and actively sought contact with the outside world. As such, her name became wide-spread through the universe and she became the most worshipped of the Sealed Ones. She has come to truly love mortals and in return many mortals love her. Thanks to this worship, her seal is the weakest of all the Sealed Ones. This fact combined with her naturally great amount of power, makes her the only Sealed One that can really influence the universe to a noteworthy degree. She is represented as a great mass of eyes and tentacles and seen by her followers as a bringer of fertility.


Elmagor, true name El’mascufhor, also known as the Chainling, was the first leader of the opposition against Khaos. Khaos managed to capture her early on in the War for Everything, and kept her chained up. The two, driven by a combination of passion, stockholm syndrome and general attraction, became romantically involved. Khaos impregnated Elmagor which lead to Bronko Tikar. When the war ended, Khaos was forced to make a hard decision, but decided that she couldn’t make exceptions for anybody so Khaos sealed Elmagor away.


Fergirson, true name F’rgirs’in, also known as the Opposer, took over as leader of the opposition when Elmagor got captured. He was a capable leader and got very close to winning, but in the end the opposition lost to Khaos and he was sealed away.


Margus, true name Marakchslus, also known as the Ancient Flame, was a relatively minor member of the opposition. He was seen as a creator of great fires and might be responsible for giving Khaos the idea for stars. As the parent of Ai he is not likely to be forgotten, unlike so many other minor Sealed Ones.


Gersonisos, true name Ger’sdonfgin’sos, also known as the Hundred-Handed Giant, was the first to suffer the effect of Rhamnesiskarma. She was an important member of the opposition against Khaos, the child of Fergirson and the parent of Ai. Her strength made her the perfect test for Khaos’ creation Rhamnesis, and Rhamnesis succeeded. After the War for Everything she was sealed away. Her sealed prison is the closest, of the remembered Sealed Ones, to Tegai. It is so close that some believe it is actually in Tegai. There are many rumors that there is a sunken city below the seas in which Gersonisos slumbers till her seal can be broken. The cult of Gersonisos is the oldest known religious institution in Tegai.

Bilak Amor

Bilak Amor, true name Biiilla’ckisa’morfos, also known as the Old Gravedigger, was long seen as the true personification of death. He actually sided with Khaos during the War for Everything, but betrayed her later on. He tried to take power but was swiftly defeated by Rhamnesis and chained down by Bronko Tikar. He had a lasting effect on the universe before being sealed away though. He created the endless cycle of life and death that rules so thoroughly over mortalkind. He is represented as a skeletal figure carrying a gravestone.