Court of Hermes

The court of Hermes are the nobles surrounding the archduke of Hermes. Hermes is often the mediator between Goneril and Albeit. The current Archduke has named his daughter over his son for the heirship of his archduchy. This move has lead to a breakdown of the patriarchy on Thunder island and more noble daughters that assert their claims.

Archduke Dogberry the Faceless

Archduke Dogberry Hermes, also known as Dogberry the Faceless, is the controversial archduke of Hermes. He is a powerful warger. It is said that only his wife has ever seen his real face. His brown hair makes him stand out amongst the nobility of Thunder Island who have mostly bright colored or black hair. Most people agree that this is to normal and that his brown hair is fake and part of his skin-changing. Dogberry has made several controversial decisions in relation to the future. Among these decisions are his support for Tamora as the next king, naming his daughter as heir over his son and pushing for female equality in the inheritance laws of Thunder Island.

Adriana Wood

Adriana Hermes née Albeit, also known as Adriana Wood, is the daughter of the archduke of Albeit. Adriana ran away from Albeit and spend several years living in the woods as a wood’s witch. She only rejoined nobility after meeting and marrying Dogberry. She gave him two children. Dogberry’s decision to marry Adriana without asking Lear is another one of the controversies surrounding Dogberry. When asked why Dogberry didn’t ask Lear for permission, he told the king that a woman can decide for herself whom she marries.

Red Ariel

Ariel Hermes, also known as Red Ariel, is the heir of the archduchy of Hermes. She is the oldest child of Dogberry and has a mastery over all forms of healing. She has long red hair. Ariel is a smart and capable woman with many suitors, whom she all rejected. Many have pleaded with her father Dogberry, but Dogberry refuses to make his daughter pick a husband. Some of the rejected suitors have started a rumor that Ariel rejects everyone because she is incestious and wants to marry her little brother. These rumors are baseless and probably just the jealous rants of scorned boys. The only reason these rumors have gained any traction is because Archduke Lear tried to use them to get her title of heir stripped away.

Timon the Seer

Timon Hermes, also known as Timon the Seer, is one of the most powerful oracles of the modern age. He is the younger child of Dogberry, but was still expected to be heir because the elder child is a girl. Dogberry surprised everybody by proclaiming Ariel heir before Timon. Timon accepted this immediately and shows no interest in becoming an archduke. He showed this most when Archduke Lear spread false rumors of his sister to get her stripped of her title. Instead of taking advantage, Timon defended his sister. He even went as far as striking the old man across his face. Timon often reads the futures of those that seek him out. Exactly which deity Timon is an oracle of is a close-kept secret. Timon’s soft purple hair is often called especially beautiful by foreigners.