Vassal kings

The vassal kings are the kings of minor semi-independent parts of the empire. These ‘kingdoms’ are expected to be loyal to the emperor, pay tribute and give support in wars. A lot of their day to day desicions are left to the vassal kings however. They are different from Governers of the provinces in that they are not directly appointed by the emperor.

Kings of Pupia

The kings of Pupia are one of the most important vassal kings of the empire. While not the biggest, richest or most populous vassal kingdom, Pupia is still very significant to the empire. Pupia supplies the most elite cavalry of the Empire.

King Hank Chemillia

King Hank Chemillia is the current Vassal King of Pupia. He is described as a cruel, but fair man. He has a great love for dogs and breeds hunting dogs at his castle. It is concerning that King Hank is a good friend of Consul Bobby.