Goblins are a group of five sentient species that are known for trickery and mischief. They are also known for their small statures.


Gnomes are a very technologically advanced species of Goblins. Their status as goblins is sometimes disputed for how much they look like hominids. They live mostly on Tall Elf Island and like to keep to themselves. Their machinery is one of the reason the royal elves can’t reach the island.


Trolls are one of the shortest lived sentient species, living only 20 years on average. They are covered in hair and grow their whole lives. In theory, if a troll lives long enough they can become as big as a dragon, but no troll has ever lived long enough to reach that size. Trolls managed to establish a prosperous nation called Trolltopia and joined the Brineinan Union. This makes them unique as the only non-humans with their own country in the union.

Bridge trolls

Bridge trolls are a longer-lived subspecies of trolls that live to the age of 50. Thanks to their longer lives they become a lot bigger than the other trolls. It is not uncommon for them to become larger than humans. Before the establishment of Trolltopia, many bridge trolls would survive by finding good places to cross rivers or canyons and building or restoring bridges across. They would then charge a toll, usually in the form of food, to cross the bridge. Since the establishment of Trolltopia, many of these bridges have fallen into disrepair, as bridge trolls no longer need to maintain them to survive. An effort has been made by some nations, mainly Zilverrijk, the Brineinan nations, Aricia and Latsia, to get the trolls to return by offering a state salary to keep the bridges up.


Şüräles, also known as forest ticklers, originate from Vamania. They are covered in a green fur as well as having a single horn in the middle of their forehead. They are users of spirit force and very adept at it. They can steal the spirit force from other beings through tickling. There are documented cases of şüräle tickling their enemies to death.


Nekkers are black beings with shining red eyes that give the appearance of being skinless. They do however have a skin, it is just transparent. They are nocturnal and very xenophobic. Any attempt at meaningful contact with a Nekker by another species, has resulted in violence. When a Nekker gets captured it will break its own bones trying to escape. If escape is impossible, suicide is quickly committed.


Kobolds are usually the first species that people think off when you mention goblins. They have long noses and ears, and a green skin. They can have horns or bumps, but no hair. Kobolds are very magically gifted and can often use this to shapeshift or go invisible. They serve as a middleman in trade between the species of Labyra and the outside world. Kobolds are known to easily overcharge gullible people or buy way under market value. Who wants to trade with a Kobold should know precisely what their goods are worth and what the gold standard of their coin is. The leader of the kobolds gets the title Boogeyman.