As the sky is a very important religious object to the races of Tegai, the constellations have become symbols of the cultures that name them. The constellations have been brought together somewhat through the works of the Arician astrologist Mkembe Kouagou, the Twelfth Lord of Yeti Hunt, the Amazonian princess Maxaria and the metal nymph Ferrana. In the current age four constellation systems remain. Each of them created by one of the four mentioned people.

The Kouagou System

The Kouagou System, named after Mkembe Kouagou, is the constellation system used by many of the central nations like Aricia, el-Quam, Mandaria, Orc Country, Labyra and Vamania. All of the constellations in the Kouagou system represent animals.

The seven signs

The seven signs is a collection of seven constellations that surrounded the Great Oasis in the time that Mkembe Kouagou made his system. They are seen as the seven most important constellations in the system and many children get assigned one of these signs as a birth sign depending on which day of the week they were born on. The seven constellations are listed below in order.

The Crocodile

The Crocodile is the first of the seven signs and represents a Patient, yet Gluttonous soul.

The Rabit

The Rabbit is the second of the seven signs and represents a Diligent, yet Lustful soul.

The Shark

The Shark is the third of the seven signs and represents a Charitable, yet Wrathful soul.

The Crab

The Crab is the fourth of the seven signs and represents a Temperate, yet Envious soul.

The Peacock

The Peacock is the fifth of the seven signs and represents a Pure, yet Prideful soul.

The Bumblebee

The Bumblebee is the sixth of the seven signs and represents a Humble, yet Greedy soul.

The Sauropod

The Sauropod is the seventh of the seven signs and represents a Kind, yet Slothful soul.

The Lord System

The Lord System is a constellation system created by the Twelfth lord of Yeti Hunt, whose name has been lost to history. It is the system used by most of the Northern world, like the Islands of Dragons, Soffur, Zilverrijk, Brineina, Pirate Hub, Ippo and Thunder Island. All constellations of the Lord System are named after occupations.

The Captain’s Four

The Captain’s four are four constellations used in the lord system to determine North, South, East and West. They are so named because ship’s captains will use these signs while at sea to navigate.

The Tanner

The Tanner is one of the Captain’s Four and consists of 7 main stars.

The Priest

The Priest is one of the Captain’s Four and consists of 11 main stars.

The King’s Guard

The King’s Guard is one of the Captain’s Four and consists of 8 main stars.

The Shoemaker

The Shoemaker is one of the Captain’s Four and consists of 4 main stars.

The Belt of Pirates

The Belt of Pirates is a set of twelve constellations that were positioned above the Iceline when the Lord system was created. They all follow a water-related theme with the exception of the Treasurer. The twelve constellations are: the Sailor, the Shipbuilder, the Treasurer, the Admiral, the Captain’s Assistant, the Ferryman, the Privateer, the Fisherman, the Pearl Diver, the Sea Explorer, the Harbour Master and the Spice Merchant.

The Royal Three

The Royal Three are the three biggest constellations in the Lord System. Each of them has 15 main stars. The Royal Three consists of the Queen, the Prince and the Empire’s Heir.

The Amazon System

The Amazon System was created by the Amazonian princess Maxaria who was a member and the princess of the now extinct Northern Amazon tribe. Her system names constellations after weapons and tools. It is the system favored by the Amazones, Mermaids, The Latsian Empire and Allegoy.

The Weapons of Mermaids

The Weapons of Mermaids are six constellations that are symbolically important to the mermaids as symbols of their species. The Edammers are the only ones not represented by a constellation as they do not care for such symbols. Other mermaids make the sun the symbol of the Edammers.

The Trident

The Trident is the constellation of the Atlessians.

The Dagger

The Dagger is the constellation of the Sirens.

The Spear

The Spear is the constellation of the Orang Ikans.

The Claw

The Claw is the constellation of the Ningyo.

The Curved Sword

The Curved Sword is the constellation of the Atargatians.

The Spell Staff

The Spell Staff is the constellation of the Selkies.

The Natural System

The Natural System is the system favored by Elves and Nymphs. It was first put together by the metal nymph Ferrana the Stargazer who sought to mix the various constellation systems of Nymphs and Elves together. This system worked out so well that the Royal elves quickly picked it up as their own system and spread it across their rising empire. The Natural System, as a result of melting multiple systems together, has constellations that are named after all kinds of things, but most common are shapes, elements and emotions.

The Shapes

The Shapes are often called the simplest constellations. But for their simpleness they are often very hard to locate by the untrained eye. The Shapes are seperated into the four Great Shapes and the seven Lesser Shapes. The shapes are very symbolically important to the Royal Elves.

The Great Shapes

The Great Shapes are four constellations that are seen as the great bastions of the universe by the Royal elves. The four constellations are: the Square, the Straight Line, the Cube and the Circle.

The Lesser Shapes

The Lesser Shapes are seven constellations that are seen as related to the Great Shapes by the Royal Elves, but not nearly as important. The seven constellations are: the Triangle, the Pyramid, the Rectangle, the Pentagon, the Cylinder, the Curved Line and the Hexadecagon.