Draconians are often large scaled sentient beings with a strong connection to magic. They are separated into six groups based on how many limbs and wings they have. The six groups are Dragons, Wyverns, Coatls, Longs, Wyrms and Dergs. Draconians often stay in the Islands of Dragons, but have been known to appear as far as Vamania on occasions.


Dragons have four limbs and two wings and are the most prominent group of Draconians. They are known for being able to produce a breath magic based on their element. They are the dominant species in the Islands of Dragons. There are many subspecies each with their own breath and look.

Dread Dragons

Dread Dragons are the largest and most dangerous of the dragons. They are not locked to a single breath type, but can often switch between them.

Fire Dragons

Fire dragons, also sometimes called normal or dragon dragons, are the most common type of dragon. Their breath type consists out of very hot magical flames in all manner of colors.

Frost Dragons

Frost dragons dominate the north of the Islands of Dragons and are strange for having hair-like filaments that cover some of their body, allowing them to stay warm in cold climates. Their breath type creates a magic beam that freezes everything it touches.

Thunder Dragons

Thunder dragons are a rare, but very powerful, type of dragon that can use their magic breath type to electrocute targets. This is effective even against other dragons.


Wyverns have two limbs and two wings. They are covered in the same hair-like filaments as Frost dragons. They do not have the breath magic of dragons, but can produce a strong magic-infused venom that burns like acid.


Macroverns are large wyverns that rival the size of dragons. Most of the leaders among the wyverns are macroverns.


Microverns are the smallest type of draconian and are barely larger than humans. They are the most common type of wyvern.


Coatls, also called flying snakes, are draconians with two wings and no limbs. Unlike other draconians, their wings are covered in feather-like filaments. They have strong ties to blood magic and are often seen circling the sites of battles like vultures.


Kukulkans are coatls that live on the coasts. While most Coatls stay away from the water, Kulkulkans are great swimmers and spend a lot of their time in it. Kukulkans possess a magic that causes tremors through the earth when they feel threatened.


Qucumatzes are one of the largest flying creatures in existence. Ther are giant flying snakes that fly over the Islands of Dragons. Their length of 30 meters overshadows even the longest dread dragons and macroverns. They hunt by grabbing birds, pterosaurs and other draconians from the sky and then swallowing them whole. Qucumatzes only rarely land as it is very hard for them to get back into the sky once they do.


Xiuhcoatls have a similair breath magic to the fire dragons. They mostly live in the northern northwestern parts of the Islands of Dragons were they occupy a similair niche to fire dragons in the rest of the islands. Xiuhcoatls are rapidly getting outcompeted by dragons and becoming a rare sight.


Longs have four limbs and no wings. They are the draconians with the strongest connection to magic. It is said that they taught humanity how to use magic. Longs are often allies of humanity, rather than enemies. Like Wyverns and Frost Dragons, they have hair-like filaments, but these are concentrated only to the tip of their tail and in a mane around their neck. The longs are often simply called dragons or eastern dragons, though this is false.


Wyrms have no limbs and no wings and thus have the appearance of giant snakes.

Sea Serpents

Sea Serpents are the largest wyrms and live almost exclusively in the water. They are known for attacking ships and being able to create beams of scalding water from their jaws.

Mandarian Deathwyrms

Mandarian Deathwyrms are giant subterranean wyrms only slightly smaller than sea serpents. They have a bright red coloring and are known to attack the horses of khanite tribes.


Forestwyrms are relatively small wyrms that live in the forests of Allegoy. They are sometimes mistaken for common constrictor snakes, a mistake that is often dearly paid for when they unleash their magic.


Bakunawas are a type of wyrm with an affinity for black magic. They are most common in Mandaria and Ippo where they live in pairs of one male and one female. Bakunawas seem to worship the moon as they lash out during an eclipse and become actively hostile to every other creature around them. It was once said that the first bakunawa fell in love with a yellow dwarven girl. He courted her and took her to his lair where they made several new bakunawas. During the next eclipse, a holy man came to their home and burned it down, killing the girl. The fury of the bakunawas during each eclipse is inherited from this first bakunawa who seeks vengeance on the holy man.


Dergs, also called Fool’s dragons, have two limbs and no wings. Most Dergs live underground.


Cockatrices are a type of Derg whose upperside looks like a scaly wingless chicken. Their mouths are relatively small for a Draconian and beak-shaped. They are vegetarians, but that doesn’t make them harmless. They possess a magic that allows them to petrify things that lock eyes with them.


Welldragons are a type of derg that are most often found living in wells and sewers. They prefer damp places. A welldragon appears as a giant worm salamander with clawed front legs. It uses these claws to climb in and out of the wells they call home.


Though a lot of draconians are said to have the ability to take a humanoid form through magic, most rarely do. There are however those draconians that leave behind children in this form. These children are called Dragonoids. They have a mostly draconic appearence, though their form is humanoid in nature. These creatures are very rare, and when they appear are often feared. Most remain in small groups away from civilization, but when one does join the wider civilization they are sure to gather fame very quickly. Whether for good or evil depends on the dragonoid and the people surrounding them.