Allegoy has a strong bardic tradition and many great songs, plays, statues, paintings and other such things depicting their heroes.

George the Blacksmith’s son

George was a normal Blacksmith’s son that is the star of the great song Ascalon. In the song he creates the great spear Ascalon which is blessed by the priest Arnold Embers. The two use the spear to kill the great frost dragon Beirut. Beirut kidnapped the Princess Samantha of Allegoy after the king had chased him from his home. George and Arnold snuck into the dragon’s lair and used the heavy spear to kill it. George and Samantha would later get married, Arnold was their priest, and have one daughter named Amanda. Amanda would later marry a noble from house Jones of Joneville named Mason. Together Mason and Amanda had a son named Jon Jones who would be the first lord of Applerdam. While the original main branch of House Jones would go extinct, leaving Joneville in the hands of House Fulton, House Jones of Applerdam still stands strong. The original song was written by the bard Madeline Gallant on commision of Jon Jones’ brother Arnold Jones, and long thought to be a fiction. This changed when the spear Ascalon was actually found by the Spearman of Vignar.


The legend of Deathsin is the legend of a man who stands for balance in the universe. He employs the powers of sin and virtue to bring order to the world. Some claim him an agent of Bronko Tikar, others an agent of Rhamnesis. He claims himself a free agent that has been enlightened to the truth.


Björn Eiriksson, also known as Sacredo, was a Frost Islander who traveled to Allegoy. Some say he was a spy, others claim he sought his heritage as his mother might have been Allegoyan. Whatever his reasons, while he lived in Allegoy, he served a lord of the Darkwoods and fought Zezel, the right hand of Morgenstra. He lost his fight to Zezel and was cast down. His life was saved by the legendary sins, the embodiments of the original seven deadly sins. They granted him their power in an effort to make the world bleed sin. Sacredo however chose to become a force for good, calling himself Deathsin and punishing evil misuse of fake virtue. The virtues, embodiments of the opposites of the original seven sins, offered Sacredo their power, which he also took. They expected him to give up the powers of sin, but he did not. Now armed with the power of both the sins and virtues, Deathsin seeks to keep a balance in all things. Neither side can afford to take their power away from Deathsin, as doing this will give a critical asset to the other side.

The Elves

When Sacredo fought Zezel, he was accompanied by a royal elf who had escaped Älvenheim. Her name was Elena Ferma, but they simply called her the Elf Archer. She was the only other survivor in the great battle and still accompanies Deathsin. She would prove a great asset in future battles as she was good at taking out huge amounts of grunts while Deathsin confronted their leaders. She and Deathsin would later take on the apprentice Deyna Malek, another escaped royal elf, who would take on the name Elf Hunter. Elf Hunter is an assassin who excels at taking out the important links in a chain of command.

The Sins

The sins are the embodiments of the original seven sins. They appear as female Icarai with black wings. Hubra, the embodiment of Pride, is the unofficial leader of the sins. She wears a crown and thinks the world of herself. Lecheria, the embodiment of Lust, is the one with the most love to give to her fans. Invidi, the embodiment of Envy, is the most possessive of Deathsin and will demand the most devotion of her sinners. Avericia, the embodiment of Greed, has the most worldly possessions of all the sins. Ragé, the embodiment of Wrath, is the fighter among the sins and will face anyone. Nimia, the embodiment of Gluttony, is a warm mother that will indulge in her wants. Soccor, the embodiment of Sloth, is the most powerful of all the sins and virtues. She is difficult to motivate into action however. Together the seven sins form one side of the balance Deathsin seeks.

The Virtues

The Virtues are the direct opposites of the sins. They have the appearence of female white-winged Icarai. Puriel, the embodiment of Chastity, counters Lust. Labora, the embodiment of Diligence, counters Sloth. Admiria, the embodiment of Kindness, counters Envy. Givifer, the embodiment of Charity, counters Greed. Restrael, the embodiment of Temperance, counters Gluttony. Mercia, the embodiment of Patience, counters Wrath. Composiel, the embodiment of Humility, counters Pride. Together the seven virtues form one side of the balance Deathsin seeks.