Yokanism is the official religion of Ippo. It requires every person to tattoo the symbol of their chosen god on their lower back to show their servitude to the god of choice. Refusing to do this can be seen as blasphemy and punished.


The goddess Ame is described as a large white woman that can carry the sun on her shoulders. She is often considered the strongest of the gods and has the most direct followers. She is described as very stoic and protective of the status quo. Ame once hid the sun from mortals when she was insulted. It was Nagano that changed her mind.


Inago is a playful happy god that loves to party. He is fond of alcohol and women, spending his nights in towns pretending to be a young foreigner. He lost his spear to Inaka.


Inaka is said to be a goddess that looks like a living corps. She has few followers, but many of the followers she does have serve as gravediggers, embalmers and other functions that require people to deal with corpses. She has recently gained a lot of influence after the Shogun’s heir chose Inaka as her god. Inaka is often annoyed by Inago. One time he took his jokes to far and she took his spear for it, throwing it into Tegai where he could not retrieve it.


Haru is said to be the first god, though this is not universally accepted. He is a solemn quiet man that is said to stalk the followers of other gods.


Kira is a blue-skinned goddess with a thirst for war. She is said to be the first of the Samurai and the discoverer of Ipponese steel. During the days before mortalkind, Kira threatened to destroy Tegai with the stomping of her feet to unshackle the gods from the world. Bokan stopped her and convinced her of Tegai’s value.


Nagano is a lustful goddess that is known to visit brothels pretending to be one of the girls, if a follower of another god chooses her, she will often destroy their tattoo after sex. When Ame took away the sun, Nagano seduced Ame with her naked chest and asked for the sun in return for letting Ame use her body. Ame, infatuated with Nagano’s beauty, agreed and returned the sun.


Bokan is a wise god that often takes the form of an elderly man. He requires a lot from his followers, but also gives the most blessings. He is seen as a father by his followers. Bokan threw himself under the feet of Kira to save Tegai when it was young.


Eliza is said to be a foreign god that entered Ippo through trade. She does not have many followers yet, but her popularity is rising with a new more outside-oriented generation. Eliza took Zabuno’s harpoon after the other god humiliated her in front of Ame and Haru. Eliza used Zabuno’s harpoon to kill the serpent that surrounds the world so that the Ipponese gods could venture further than ever before.


Zabuno is a god that loves the sea. He is very popular with sailors and is said to be the god responsible for Ippo’s immense naval power. Zabuno was cursed to never be able to walk onto land as punishment for his humiliation of Eliza.