Court of Albeit

The court of Albeit are the nobles surrounding the archduke of Albeit. Because the archduke never had any sons, he was forced to name his daughter as heir. It is however rumored that he plans to pass her over for his grandson when the time comes. Something unheard of in Thunder island.

Archduke Old Lear

Archduke Lear Albeit, also known as old Lear, is an old half-senile man that serves as the archduke of Albeit in name only. Most of the day to day governing has been taken over by his daughter Macbeth. It is rumored that Lear wanted to strip his daughter of her heirship and give it to his grandson Hamlet. He also pushes his grandson for the kingship of Thunder Island. Thanks to Macbeth’s political maneuvering she has taken the title as his regent and prevented him from actually acting on these plans. Lear is often called a Sage of magic. While foreigners admire his green hair that never greys, the green color is actually the most common hair colour on Thunder Island.

Archduke’s Regent Macbeth

Macbeth Albeit is a powerful shaman and daughter of Archduke Lear. She has officially been named regent and heir of the old archduke and skillfully prevented her father from stripping her of her power in favor of her son. She herself favors her elder daughter Juliet as both her own heir and as the next king. As the ex-wife of King John, her children have a claim on the kingship of Thunder Island.

Princess Juliet

Juliet Albeit, also called Princess Juliet, is a powerful sorceress that claims to be the only true heir of King John. For her strong push for the throne, she is often called Princess, even though Thunder Island doesn’t officially have this title. Juliet specializes in the magic of the elements. Like her mother, her irises are very close to the color black, making it appear as if she has no irises at all.

Virgilia the Doe

Virgilia Albeit, also called Virgilia the Doe for her deerskin clothes and antler crown, is the daughter of Macbeth. She is her mother’s favourite, but has shown no interest in gaining power. Like her mother she is a druid. Virgilia instead chose to support her elder sister Juliet. She often baffles guests with her unique appearance. Her pure white eyes, bare feet and deerskin clothes stand out.

Big Titania

Titania Albeit, also known as Big Titania, is the daughter of Macbeth. She is a warlock that specializes in melee and is her little brother’s biggest supporter. Even though the average height of Thunder Islanders is around 155 centimeters, Titania is an astounding 209 centimeters tall. She cuts her red hair quite short which is controversial in the patriarchal circles of Thunder Island. Her violet eyes always have a happy sparkle and give her a certain beauty, even with her twisted nose that has been broken several times. She and her brother Hamlet are skilled dragonslayers.

Hamlet of the Storm

Hamlet Albeit, also known as Hamlet of the Storm, is the son and youngest child of Macbeth and King John and a powerful stormmage. He is also sometimes known as Hamlet the Dragonslayer as he often hunts down dragons that threaten Thunder Island. Those that are suicidal sometimes refer to him as Little Hamlet. He uses his powerful storm magic to bring dragons down from the sky, after which his sister Titania kills them. He has been put forth as a possible heir to the Kingship of Thunder Island and Archduchy of Albeit by Archduke Lear, but does not seem especially interested in either position. Hamlet is very short even for a Thunder Islander, being only 145 cm tall.