Hominids are the most common type of sentient being in Tegai. They are characterized by their versatility and cunning. They most commonly have five fingers and are humanoid in body-type.


Humans are one of the most populous species in Tegai. Many human countries span the world, most of them concentrated in the North and the West. Humans appear in several forms, often being grouped into Darkmen, Nativans, Mainlanders and Yellow dwarves.

Yellow dwarves

Though the status of yellow dwarves as a separate species from humans has come under discussion, and most people nowadays see them as the fourth group of human, there are still those that claim they are a separate species altogether. The main difference between Yellow Dwarves and the other humans is the shape of their eyes.


Amazones are different from humans in that the women of the species are the more physically prominent ones. Amazon men are weak, small and barely sentient. The females however are often stronger and smarter than humans.


Skinwalkers are a rare species of hominids that are extremely sensitive to spirit force, they are one of the few species that can reliably generate enough spirit force to really rival magic and psychic energy. Skinwalkers are most common around Natavon.


Orcs are a strange species of hominids, as they are artificially created. The orcs are the result of royal elves attempting to make humans more elf-like. The orcs are green-skinned with a couple of elven traits like sharp teeth, pointed ears and a pure-carnivorous diet. The creation of Orcs bit the royal elves in the butt though, in some cases literally. Elves only eat non-sentient species, Orcs don’t have this moral compass and eat any meat they can find. Orcs even treat elves like a delicacy.


Vampires are a long-lived species of hominids that survive on the inherent power of blood. They possess incredible powers and are near invulnerable thanks to their connection to daimon. Vampires are rare outside of Vamania.


Dhampirs are a hybrid between vampires and humans or amazones. Each dhampir is different in how many powers and weaknesses they have from both of their parent species. Some are almost indistinguishable from humans, some are much more like vampires. The most Dangerous dhampirs are the ones with the best of both worlds. These dhampirs inherit all the powers of vampires with non of the weaknesses. Dhampirs often side with either vampires or humans. Dhampires that side with humans are called daywalkers, while dhampirs that side with vampires are called nightphiles. Theoretically a hybrid between skinwalkers and vampires should be possible. However, thanks to the physical distance between these species and the rarity of skinwalkers, this has never been observed.


Giants are a very human-like species of hominid that are thought to be extinct, though many believe they still exist in the unmapped lands. Giants are hominids of incredible size and strength. They average at about 5 metres.


Supergiants are even bigger than normal giants and vary greatly in size. While most commonly peaking at 10 metres, there were rare cases of supergiants of 15 metres or taller.


Mawlers are giants that have been twisted by the royal elves much like the orc. While giants are believed extinct, mawlers are definitely not. They are very common in Orc Country and serve as brute force in the orcish armies.


Alves are subterranean hominids with fair skin and pointed ears. They rarely come to the surface and live their entire lives in deep underground caves. The most common places to find Alves is under the old Kingdom of Macher in Zilverrijk and in Old Mine in Allegoy. These places both have their own type of Alves. Macherian Alves are tall, pale and elegant with a commanding presence, whilst Miner Alves are shorter and sneakier with a more social nature and dark skin. Alves are the longest-lived species of hominid and sometimes rival elves in age.