Jewels, gems and stones

There are many jewels, gems and stones with powers spread over the world, but there are some that are so powerful or important that they have achieved legendary status.

The seven sapphires

The seven sapphires is a collection of seven sapphires with elemental enchantments that are attached to a silver necklace. The enchantments give power over: Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Wood, Metal and Lightning. They are in the possession of the Albeit family.

Tremor rocks

The tremor Rocks are two koroit nuts. When the two are hit together they create an earthquake. They are said to be created by Termo himself.

Eternal ruby

The eternal ruby is a strange ruby said to have belonged to Acvelbekus. It is completely indestructible.

Shadow stone

The shadow stone is a black stone in the possession of the mages of Zilverrijk. It creates shadows that can take physical form.

Blue apple

The blue apple is a blue gem of unknown origin, presumed to have come from space, that absorbs the souls of those that touch it while they die. This power has been identified as a curse, though the creator remains unknown.