Nymphs are one of the few mortal beings that can actively tame and use khaospower. While they look like hominids, if you get to touch their skin or pay close attention to their eyelids you can discover their true origins. Nymphs are reptiles that became tied to the elements of nature. While there are many documented cases of relationships between nymphs and sentient mammals, especially amazones, this has never produced a child. There are currently seven surviving types of nymphs, where there were once fourteen types. The extinct types are: Ice nymphs, Fauna nymphs, Light nymphs, Shadow nymphs, Plague nymphs, Force nymphs and Air nymphs. Even though they are assumed extinct, the continent of Nymphtol is largely unmapped and unexplored, making some people think they might still exist deeper into the wilderness. Like amazones, nymphs are a matriarchal society where the males are of lesser status to the females. It is mostly the males that care for the eggs while the females are expected to take care of the household.

Thunder nymphs

Thunder nymphs are the current rulers of Nymphoma and the other nymph species living in it. In the beginning, the shadow nymphs ruled, but once they all died in an undocumented extinction event, the thunder nymphs, plague nymphs and light nymphs waged a three-way war for control. Plague nymphs were completely annihilated in this war and light nymphs took control. Thunder nymphs made peace with the light nymphs and bided their time. Over the years they fully recovered. Unhappy with the tyrannical rule of the light nymphs, the thunder nymphs made an alliance with the air nymphs, fire nymphs and wood nymphs. The four parties waged a bloody war against the light nymphs and their allies the force nymphs, who wiped out the air nymphs during the war. The force nymphs were wiped out in retaliation by the fire nymphs. While not directly wiped out in the war, the light nymphs were brought down to numbers that were too low to pose any further threat. The thunder nymphs took control and have held on to that control ever since. Fauna nymphs attempted to take control from the thunder nymphs but were wiped out for their effort. The thunder nymphs final test was a great famine that hit Nymphoma. During the famine many nymphs starved and the light nymphs and ice nymphs went extinct. The thunder nymphs saved Nymphoma by making a great sea voyage with help of the water nymphs to establish contact with the outside world. The Nymphs managed to get trade deals with the Amazones and Vamanian vampires, trading food for metals and wood. This saved the nymphs from complete extinction. Thunder nymphs are mostly affiliated with the color purple and have great control over electricity. They are mostly concentrated in Nymphii Centraalio.

Fire nymphs

Fire nymphs have always been very close allies with the thunder nymphs. They are associated with the color red and have great control over fire. Fire nymphs are sometimes claimed to be the oldest species of nymph as they still have many primal features that other nymph species have since lost, like a long tongue and slitted eyes. They are mostly concentrated around Nymphii Pirosio. While most nymphs build their houses with wood or natural stone, Fire nymphs use bricks.

Wood nymphs

Wood nymphs are the most populous type of nymph after the great famine. Wood nymphs have a unique digestion that allows them to survive off tree bark for a surprisingly long time. This helped them to find enough food while the rest of the nymphs had nearly nothing to eat. They are associated with the color green and have great control over plants. They are mostly located around Nymphii Bostio.

Water nymphs

Water nymphs were the prime naval power among the nymphs before the great famine. They lost many of their ships during the desperate voyages they made with the thunder nymphs to try to find food in the outside world. They are associated with the color blue and have great control over water. They are mostly concentrated around Nymphii Aqualio.

Earth nymphs

Earth nymphs are a fairly secluded bunch, preferring to just remain neutral and mine their mountains. They are associated with the color brown and have great control over the earth. They are mostly located around Nymphii Mountio.

Metal nymphs

Metal nymphs got disconnected from the other nymphs when the ice nymphs went extinct during the great famine. This caused the mountain passes to freeze over, making it impossible for the metal nymphs to reach the other cities over land. This forced the Metal nymphs to build ships and made them the new naval power among the nymphs while the water nymphs were recovering. Metal nymphs are associated with the color grey and have great control over metals. They are mostly located around Nymphii Metalicio.

Acid nymphs

Acid nymphs previously lived in the northern parts of Nymphoma which was a though existence. When the air nymphs were made extinct by the force nymphs, the acid nymphs came down from the north and occupied the abandoned city. They are associated with the color yellow and have great control over acid and poisons. They are now located around Nymphii Aerovio.