Mandaria is an island nation of Yellow Dwarves that covers many of the central northern islands. Mandaria is known for its unusually high female birth. For every one boy, five girls are born. Why this is the case is unknown. Mandaria is also known for its technological advancements and its use of mutated soldiers. Mandaria recognizes three genders instead of two. They have males (drones), greater females (queens) and lesser females (workers). The difference between queens and workers are decided during puberty by officials. Greater females are often trained as warriors and bureaucrats to cover for the lack of males. Greater females are also allowed to take as many wives as they want, including other greater females, but can not take a husband. Lesser females and males are only allowed one partner.


Iskiut is a far northern Mandarian military base on an island of the same name. It is claimed to be a base for winter training for Mandarian soldiers, and that does certainly happen on the island. There are however many rumors of a secret underground base beneath the training grounds where the Mandarian government hides everything it doesn’t want the world to know about. There are rumors of life from the stars, dead or captured gods, super soldier projects, highly advanced technology and legendary artifacts. During the modern era there have been some incidents, but none as big as the Disaster. It is said that during the Disaster, the goddess Gujin herself had to come down to save the rest of Mandaria from whatever broke free.