Vampire strongbloods

There are many legendary vampires collectively called the Strongbloods by the lesser vampires. They serve as icons and royalty to the vampire race. They are almost always Vamanian.

Modern Strongbloods

Strongbloods are very rare. As such there are only five vampires in the modern age that can really claim the title.

Lord Elijah Tempel

Elijah is a strong vampire that claims to be the son of the great Senter god Dracul. He is the ruler of Draculhall and said to be the strongest vampire of the modern age. He is one of five modern vampires that are seen as Strongbloods. He employs a group called the Vampire Knights that were created by the house of Mandrake and were modeled after the knight orders of Zilverrijk and Allegoy. Elijah is a ruthless leader and a great menace to the races of day and night alike.

Adele Ender

Adele Ender and his pet hydra, Anya, are the terror of the Northern Coast of Vamania. He is seen as a Strongblood for his sheer power and many vampires will gladly step aside and let him use their forts, palaces or mansions whenever he likes. He is credited with having a great amount of charisma and persuasion.

The Sentinel

Seyma Grand, also known as the sentinel, is a powerful vampire strongblood that claims direct heritage of Kring, goddess of magic. She is known as Tegai’s greatest user of blood magic. The most famous incident involving the Sentinel is an incident where she brought down the long Zhilong and sucked her dry. The bloodless corpse of the great long was later found washed up on the shores of Aricia, confirming the story.

The Leech

The Leech is a vampire in service of the Fantasy Mafia. She is one of five modern vampires that are seen as Strongbloods. Her real identity is unknown.

Monty Hane

Montgomery Hadžić, also known as Monty Hane, left the island of Vamania in favor of the great icy north of Soffur. He is known as the bandit king of the north and one of the few entities that manages to make his home in the unmapped lands so close to the poles. He is known to come down to raid the Soffurian towns or military caravans who travel across the tundra.

Duchess Nosfa the Second

Duchess Nosfa the Second of Blodhal was the first of Vamania’s vampires to come into the open. Back then the island was still very much dominated by humans while vampires hid in the shadows. Duchess Nosfa the Second would not let this continue and overthrew the human government, and replaced them by vampires. This let into a great civil war between the races of day and the races of night. In the end Vampires, Werewolves, Lycans and Nightphile Dhampirs became dominant at the expense of Humans, Şüräle, Daywalker Dhampirs and Wild Elves. Duchess Nosfa the Second is sometimes confused with Duchess Nosfa the Fourth as they are both Strongbloods.

Duchess Nosfa the Fourth

Duchess Nosfa the Fourth of Blodhal is the strongblood who created the Nosfa Week. She is honored as a great genius and was one of the first vampires to seek peace for Vamania in its eternally raging civil war between the races. Unlike Nosfa the Second, with whom she is often confused, Nosfa the Fourth was actually loved by the races of the day.


Simon was an ancient vampire strongblood. Little is known about his early life. He would inevitably become the first and last Vamanian emperor. At its largest reach, his empire would spread across most of the central isles and Amazonia. He was ultimately killed by the vampire hunter Abraham van Hemelen.