Emerald Isle and its heroes have always played an important role int the Brineinan Union. As such many of their hereos deeds are forever captured in song and story. Especially Mount Myst has captured the imagination of many bards.

The Ohara family

The Ohara family is a group of legendary figures from Brineina that share many stories. The center of these figures are a brother and sister of the Ohara clan of Ancient Elves who are said to live on Mount Myst in Emerald Isle. The forming of the Ohara Family group of figures can be traced back to an old manuscript in which the brother and sister Ohara followed an old Emeraldian hero named Duke Klobber into the final attack on Swordfall during the Emeraldian-Anglosian war for Emeraldian independence in the ancient past before the Brineinan Union.

Duke Klobber

Duke Klobber was an Emeraldian hero that fought many battles against Anglos. He is sometimes seen as the father of Emerald Isle as an independent nation. Though an incredible figure of his own, he is often folded into the Ohara Family by modern scholars for ease of study. He lost his life in the final attack on Swordfall to a random archer, showing that even the most notable man can die in an instant on the field of battle.

Flame Ohara

Blaire Ohara, also known as Flame, was a blind ancient elf who was a natural genius at Pyromancy. She was one of the most powerful spellcasters in the world and was said to be able to burn whole castles with her spells. Blaire and her brother followed Duke in his final battle. After Duke’s death, Flame and her brother would go on to face the enemy general. The enemy general blinded Flame before being forced to retreat from the battlefield. Flame fell into a depression and became alcoholic. During this time she had a child with a human mercenary which she would abandon at a magic temple. She would later reunite with this mercenary and marry him. After getting her life back in order she would tell him the truth and they reunited with their daughter and the rest of the family. The tale of Flame and her husband is one of the most popular lovestories in Tegai and is most famously represented in the song titled: 'Blood and Fire' which is one of the first songs taught in many bard's colleges. It is said that in the Emerald Isle’s time of greatest need, Flame will descent from Mount Myst and burn the Isle’s enemies.

The Bounder

The Bounder is an ancient title given to the greatest sorcerer among the Ancient Elves and was last held by Pathrek Ohara, the little brother of Flame Ohara. The title has since become synonymous with him, as nobody dares take the title in fear of standing in his shadow. Pathrek fought many battles for Emerald Isle and Brineina. Later in life he would have a child with a legendary viking which became one of the most feared spellcasters in the world. Thousands of years ago it is said that Pathrek fought off Bronko Tikar himself, and died in the process. However, recently sightings of the redhead sorcerer have once again been reported in Brineina.

Mathia the Raider

Mathia is an immortal raider originally from Normia. She is an unusually devout follower of the goddess Hilga. The storm god Evert got into an argument with Hilga after Hilga forbade him from blowing a storm into Mathia’s ship. Evert told Hilga that the only reason Mathia worshipped Hilga was because the woman feared death, and not because she loved Hilga. To prove Evert wrong, Hilga gave Mathia eternal life, so she need not fear death. Mathia continued to worship and sacrifice to Hilga, even when not needing to fear dying. In anger Evert blew Mathia’s entire ship into Mount Myst, killing all but her. Mathia was found by Flame and Pathrek Ohara, and given a job as the captain of their ship. Mathia would prove very loyal and ended up marrying Pathrek, later even giving birth to his daughter. Though she raised their daughter with care, she could not prevent their daughter’s fall to the darkness after Pathrek appeared to die in his fight with Bronko Tikar.

Nikolette Ohara

Nikolette Ohara is the daughter of Flame Ohara and unlike her parents, had no natural magic. Blaire knew she could not raise her daughter and gave her to the Magic school of Theodorus Bernard. Nikolette was taught by Theodorus into becoming one of the greatest users of magical items. Even without much magic of her own, she is a versatile and strong warrior that is said to be Emerald Isle’s modern defender.

Theo the Old

Theodorus Bernard, also known as Theo the Old, is an unusually old human that is said to live on Mount Myst. He started his own school of magic. His most famous student was the elven hybrid Nikolette Ohara to who he became like a father when her own parents were out of the picture. Some people say that Theo was born old.

The Bloodsaint

There was once a mercenary who lead the company called the Saints. He was a peasant man named Nikolai. After fighting many wars he met a mysterious blind woman in a bar. They hit it off and he impregnated her. He didn’t know of his unborn child and continued to fight. Years later he would once again meet the mysterious woman and give his life to save her from a werewolf. In her rage and grief, the woman named Flame Ohara would collect each drop of blood that had fallen from his clawed open body and put it back inside. She would breath new life into him, turning the peasant mercenary into an unkillable warrior. He would become known as the Bloodsaint. He married the blind woman who had revived him and she told him the truth about their child. Distraught about the many lost years, he would seek out his daughter Nikolette and reunite with her. He would never again leave her alone in the world. Or at least, that is how the song 'Blood and Fire' goes.

The Canceller

The Canceller is a boogeyman for many Emeraldian children. Many parents warn their children that if they are not nice, the Canceller will come to get them. In truth, the old tales do not name the Canceller as the great red and green monster people talk about, but as a young ancient elf and human hybrid by the name of Denise Ohara. She is the daughter of the great sorcerer Pathrek Ohara. After Pathrek’s disappearance or death at the hands of Bronko Tikar, Denise felt it was her responsibility to take her father’s place. She started a hunt for power that lead her down a dark path, committing many atrocities in the process. But it paid off, as she became one of the most feared and powerful spellcasters in history. It is said that she befriended the Daughter of Death herself and learned how to kill death himself if he ever dared to come for her. The canceller is said to be able to stop any power from manifesting. Some say that death did indeed come for Denise, but that she fought him off, becoming a Deathwalker.

The Daughter of Death

The Daughter of Death, also known simply as Hundra, is a legendary being born from the concept of death itself. She became very close with the Canceller and told her friend how to keep death away. The forgotten gods attempted to take Hundra’s eyes as punishment for revealing this. They only managed to destroy one eye before the Canceller cancelled their immortality and killed them all. After this, Hundra swore eternal service to her saviour.