Over the years many ways of keeping time have been developed and went back out of fashion.


Weeks have been made in many systems, from five-day weeks to twelve-day weeks. In the modern era only three week systems remain, all of them seven-day systems. Though their weeks start on different days. Taking the Claudius week as base, the Nosfa week starts on the second day while the Royal week starts on the fourth day.

The Claudius Week

The Claudius week is the system used by most of the world. The only countries that do not use this system are Vamania, Labyra, Pirate Hub, the Eastern Amazones and Älvenheim. It was first created by Latsian Emperor Canos Marcus Claudius Augustelus Dax Imperator Telaminus Orcus Draco Pilatus.The days of the Claudius week in order are: Plowday, Axeday, Swordday, Shieldday, Flagday, Gobletday and Altarday.

The Nosfa Week

The Nosfa week is the system is the system used by Vamania, Labyra, Pirate Hub and the Eastern Amazones. It was once a much wider used system, but got replaced by the Claudius week in a lot of nations. It was created by the ancient vampire duchess Nosfa the Fourth of Blodhal. The days of the Nosfa week in order are: Moonday, Silverday, Bloodday, Stormday, Sunday, Feastday and Godday.

The Royal Week

The Royal week is the system of the Royal elves and is only used in Älvenheim. According to the Royal elves, they have used this system since the start of time. The days of the Royal week in order are: Stoneday, Seaday, Woodday, Skyday, Bronzeday, Lightday and Flameday.


There are currently 3 active month systems. The Months of Viets, The Months of Senter and the Months of Marcus Draco. The Royal Elves don’t use months at all, counting the days from 1 to 300.

The Months of Senter

The Months of Senter is a system of 10 months of 30 days that is most notably used in Vamania. The Months in order are: Surin, Elmari, Ateli, Nemesin, Heinua, Lundari, Eldonder, Draclo, Delmber and Krings.

The Months of Viets

The Months of Viets are the most commonly used system, used from Last Fort to Orc Country in fact. Originally created by Queen Saba Viets the Second of Zilverrijk. The Months are 25 days each. They are grouped in 4 seasons of 3 months each. The seasons in order are: Renewal, Sunhigh, Ripening and Snowspread.


Renewal is the first season of the year and is akin to spring. The months of Renewal are Resolution, Cleanstart and Egglay.


Sunhigh is the second season of the year and is akin to summer. The months of Sunhigh are Upkeep, Longheat and Queensrest.


Ripening is the third season of the year and is akin to autumn. The months of Ripening are Leafturn, Harvest and Petition.


Snowspread is the fourth and final month of the year and is akin to winter. The months of Snowspread are Coldfeast, Iceform and Melting.

The Months of Marcus Draco

The Months of Marcus Draco are the months used in the Latsian Empire. A very old system credited to the Latsian Emperor Canos Marcus Draco Augustus Julius Dax Aurelius Telaminus Juno Imperator. The system has 15 months of 20 days. For ease, modern calendar makers group the fifteen months into three groups of five months. The Renamed, The Numbers and The Named.

The Renamed

When Marcus Draco made the system, he made 10 numbered months followed by five special months with individual names. Over the eons, the first five of these numbered months have been renamed by later emperors. The Renamed months are in order: Vitonum, Canum, Vignarum, Argentium and Brachum.

The Numbers

The Numbers are the five months that are still left from the original ten numbered months. They are in order: Sexum, Septum, Octum, Novenum and Decanum.

The Named

The Named are the original five special named months created by Marcus Draco. They are in order: Marcum, Dracum, Latsium, Legionium and Telaminum.


While different amounts of days have been tried in the past, all modern Tegai nations have come to the same conclusion. 300 days is the perfect amount for a year. The only thing they disagree on is what year it is. Elves mostly say it is the year 4220, while most human nations agree it is only 2705. The Latsian Empire has their own count though, counting from the crowning of their first emperor, Augustus Claudius Telaminus Vignarium Julius Dax Vito, they call the year 5032. Mermaids have been counting the longest. saying it is the year 9823. Vamanians technically have more years then even the mermaids, but their count is strange. They say it is year 62 of century 4 of the eleventh millenium and thus call the year M11E4J62. The Sjardans work with cycles. For them it is year 14 of the 12th cycle. Ipponese restart their count every time their emperor dies. For them it is year 22 of the Reign of Fumiko Ayana the Fourth.