There are always two consuls in the empire. Each consul serves for one year and can only have four terms in their life. Every consul is given a lifetime membership to the senate. Consuls are elected, though how elections work is always different as the emperor and previous year's consuls have to agree on the method. Consuls have the power to propose laws and can even push through legislation that the emperor opposes if their support is big enough.

Current consuls

Their are always two consuls every year. These are the current two.

Consul Pablo Sanchez

Consul Pablo Sanchez is one of the current consuls of the Latsian Empire. He is a loyalist and good friend of the late emperor Canos Elagabalus. Before becoming consul he was one of the empire’s highest ranked generals and still has many loyal friends in the army. He is one of the few things keeping Emperor Canos Telaminus in power.

Consul Robertus Dioli

Consul Robertus “Bobby” Dioli is one of the current consuls of the Latsian Empire. He is an ambitious man and has been suspected of wanting to place himself on the Emperor’s throne. To this end he has gathered quite a following around him.

Consul Julius Octavius Draco

Consul Julius Octavius Draco was a consul of the empire with a strong hatred for women. He twice blocked a law proposal to allow women into the senate. He also destroyed all the female statues in the Pantheon of Gracian Heroes and burned all texts associated with them, including those of Erelia Sixwives. It is believed that this has caused all relevant information of every 7 out of 10 female Gracian Heroes to be lost forever. The actions of Consul Julius Octavius Draco brought him conflict with the goddess Farit who did not appreciate having her daughter dishonored. During a hunting expedition with the emperor, the other consul and seventeen important senators, the hunting party witnessed how Farit appeared and swallowed Julius Octavius Draco whole before bowing to the emperor and disappearing among the trees.