Natural powers

The natural powers are powers that exist in nature and can in theory be tapped into by anybody.

Spirit force

Spirit force gathers energy from the soul of the user as well as the souls of beings around them. It’s the easiest of the natural powers to learn, but also the weakest. It has several ways of being applied, some examples of which are listed below.


Shamanism is the most basic appliance of spirit force and gives the user access to powers like shielding, push, pull and healing.

Skin changing

Skin changing is a more advanced use of spirit force in which the user either changes his own form, or takes control of another being.

Potion brewing

Potion brewing is the process of taking natural ingredients and infusing them with spirit force to give them new properties or draw out hidden properties. It is sometimes compared to alchemy, but the process is fundamentally very different.

Own Power

An own power is a power that is bound to a species or individual that is outside of the other powers. The difference between an own power and the other natural powers is that the other powers can in theory be learned by everyone with enough effort. Own powers are easier to unlock, some species even just unlocking them as a part of growing up. But you can only unlock it, you can’t learn someone else’s own power.


Magic is the most common of the natural powers as mortals can realistically obtain it, and the possibilities are endless if one knows how to use it and has enough of it. Magic is not entirely it’s own thing, as it is a byproduct from large usages of Khaospower. Some Khaospower users purposely spread magic over their world, some do it accidentally and a third group just don’t care. There are many disciplines within Magic, all with their own pros and cons. Magic is different from Khaospower in that it seems to want to be used.


Necromancy is one of the most controversial uses of magic, the only country that really officially practices it is Zilverrijk. Some nations condone it, but there are also those that forbid it. The two types are called soul necromancy and body necromancy.

Soul necromancy

Soul necromancy means to take the soul of a deceased person and make a body for them from magic. The great pro of this is that it requires no corpses to perform, the great con is that the created undead are as easily killed as in their original life. Undead created by this version of necromancy do not die when the caster does.

Body necromancy

Body necromancy means to take a corpse and reanimate it, either with the original soul, an artificial soul or the soul of a completely unrelated person. The great pro is that the created undead are nearly indestructible, the great con is the need of a corpse before you are able to perform it. Undead created by this version of necromancy die when the caster does.


Enchantment is the practice of using magic and infusing it into an item or being to give it special properties.

Elemental magic

Elemental magic is a special changing of magic to give it the properties of the element attached. There are many possibilities, but the most common ones are listed below.


Water and ice magic.


Fire magic.


Earth magic.


Air, gas and wind magic.


Metal magic.


Electric and lightning magic.

Life magic

Life magic is the use of magic to either create life, heal living beings or enhance living beings.

Black magic

Black magic, also known as hexes or forbidden magic, is a powerful form of magic purely meant to kill, torture or destroy.


Anti-magic, also known as nullification magic or disspelling, is the act of taking magic and cancelling it out.


Technomancy is the manipulation of technology with magic. It differs from alchemy in that it is purely a manipulation of technology and not a true combination of magic and technology.

Blood magic

Blood magic is the practice of using blood to strengthen magical power. The inherent power of blood gives a huge boost to spells, but always at a cost.


Khaospower is the power pumped into the universe by its creator. Some claim Khaos herself gave it to her creations to be able to influence the world around them, which is where the name comes from. Khaospower is hard to use as it resists and pulls away from beings trying to use it. Beings that are able to use it can often achieve godly status as it is the most powerful of the powers. Khaospower is actually split into two powers fighting against each other, these two are divinity and daimon.


Divinity is the more common type of Khaospower in use, as it is the first one most creatures come in contact with. Beings that use divinity also naturally promote the use of divinity over daimon as divinity users are vulnerable to daiman.


A blessing, akin to enchanting, is the act of a divinity user inserting some of their power into an item or other being to give them special powers.


Daimon is the opposing force to divinity, the interaction between these powers create Khaospower. Daimon is often seen as the evil use of Khaospower because the most famous users of daimon are hundred-tails, genies, demons and takkians. All beings that are often considered evil by other sentient races.


A curse, akin to enchanting, is the act of a daimon user inserting some of their power into an item or other being to give them special powers.