Pirate Lords

The pirate lords are seven great captains chosen by all pirate captains of the Pirate Hub. The seven are the judges and raid leaders of the pirates and have some authority over the other captains, though not that much. In times of crisis the seven are given full control to lead the pirates to victory.

Current lords

The seven current pirate lords are seen as some of the strongest lords ever as the were all tested in the war with The Latsian Empire.

The Yellow Devil

Captain Frank Buttolph, also known as the Yellow Devil, is the captain of the Devil’s Jest and one of the seven pirate lords. He is known for his fancy yellow marine uniform which is a leftover from his old life. Frank is the last surviving ringleader of the Icepepper Rebellion on Icepepper Isle. Thanks to interference of the Anglosian navy, the rebellion was crushed and the other ringleaders killed. The rebellion’s soldiers all wore a yellow version of the normally light blue uniform of the Icepepper navy. Frank turned to piracy to survive and found a home in the Pirate Hub, where he quickly rose in status. Frank has a gift for hypnosis through psychic energy and can make any human do what he wants.

John Spotted

Captain Johnathan Williams, also known as John Spotted, is the captain of the Evert and one of the seven pirate lords. John was the son of Allegoyan slaves on the island of Normia. At the age of twelve, he managed to escape and started serving on the ship of the Normian raider Kasper Vanessen. During a raid on Sconia, Kasper refused to retreat even though they were at a big disadvantage. The crew mutinied, killed Kasper and his loyalists and elected to follow John. John turned their ship away from Normia, raised a pirate’s flag and took his new crew to the Pirate Hub where they were quickly accepted. John rose up the ranks thanks to his cleverness. He is known for wearing colorful spotted clothes and his pointed moustache.

Ullar Kos

Captain Ullar Kos is the captain of the Third Sun and one of the seven pirate lords. He is a cyclops and zealous worshipper of Solvis the sun god. He rose in status through sheer intimidation and physical power. He lead the first pirate raid into Nymphoma.

Hong Shou

Captain Sun Ma, also known as Hong Shou, is the captain of the Golden Hunter and one of the seven pirate lords. He was a Mandarian sailor who was caught stealing money from his captain. The captain cut off his hand and threw him overboard. He somehow managed to survive and was rescued by a Pirate ship. He was given a fake red prosthetic and put to work cleaning the deck. He slowly gained the respect of the pirates and was made an official part of the crew. When the Golden Hunter lost its captain in an attack by an Ipponese patrol, the crew elected Hong Shou as their new captain because he was the only one on the ship that nobody hated. He was later elected to pirate lord after his daring raid of the Gracian Hook.


Captain Treanor is the captain of the Flying Whale and one of the seven pirate lords. She is an amazon warrior known for wearing full battle armor on her ship. She was a talented commander in the Southern Tribal navy. After being passed over for promotion to admiral in favor of an incompetent Revenex, she took her loyal ships and left. She served as a privateer for the Aricians for a while, but turned to piracy when the pay became to low. Her talents were quickly recognized by the other pirates and she was quickly elevated to a pirate lord during the crisis of the Latsian retaliation that was started after Hong Shou raided the Gracian Hook. She commanded the pirates skillfully and decimated a large part of the Imperial Navy, who soon had to give up.

The Feather Captain

Captain Pim Lenders, also known as the Feather Captain, is the captain of the Queen Marsha’s Judgement and one of the seven pirate lords. The Queen Marsha’s Judgement is an old prisoners ship, used for the transport of female prisoners, named after Queen Marsha VII of Zilverrijk. Pim was taken prisoner aboard the ship by the Zilver Fleet. She lead a prisoner’s revolt that took over the ship and sailed it to the Pirate Hub. She lost an eye during this revolt, but was still elected captain. She is known to carry around a crow’s feather and a swan’s feather. A swan is a creature of good luck in Zilverrijk, while a crow is a worldwide symbol of bad luck. The feathers represent the balance of luck.

The Chief

Captain Melkor Teken, often simply called the Chief, is the captain of the Teken’s Pride. The Teken’s Pride is one of the largest ships in the Pirate Hub. Melkor is the chief of the Teken tribe of Wild Elves. His whole tribe lives on the ship and participates in raids. The Chief is the oldest and longest serving pirate lord in history, as he has been a pirate lord for over seventy years now.