The circle

The circle are the gods of Anglos. The true names of these gods are kept secret as the name of a god is tied to their power. A mortal that learns the name of one of the circle gods receives an enormous boost in magical power.

The Warrior King

The Warrior King is the leader of the gods and inherited the kingdom of the gods by pulling a sword from a mountain. It is said that when the sword turned to stone after being cursed by the Scorned Duke, the Warrior King threw it into Tegai. After losing this sword, he received a new sword from the Mysterious Lady.

The Golden Knight

The Golden Knight is the chosen champion of the Mysterious Lady. After having an affair with the Beautiful Queen, he ended up in a war against the Warrior King. During the war he took the Beautiful Queen back to his castle which he had taken from the Cowardly Lord. The war ended when the Mysterious Lady gave the Warrior King a sword in trade for peace. After the war the Warrior King divorced the Beautiful Queen so the Golden Knight could marry her. The two lovers went into voluntary exile after their wedding.

The Mysterious Lady

The Mysterious Lady is the creator of the Warrior King’s most famous sword. She was on the side of the Golden Knight in the great war of the gods. She kidnapped the Beautiful Queen and took her to the Golden Knight so she could continue a quiet lover’s life with the Golden Knight.

The Ambitious Traitor

The Ambitious Traitor stabbed the Warrior King in the back during the war against the Golden Knight and attempted to take the kingdom of the gods from him. After failing he fled and, like the Golden Knight, went into exile.

The Uncrowned King

The Uncrowned King is the biggest of the gods. He was the main rival of the Warrior King in the rivalry for the final throne. He was in a good position to win, but fell in love with the Golden Knight. He gave up his claim for the throne and joined the Golden Knight instead.

The Loyal Soldier

The Loyal Soldier took on the Green Trickster send by the Scheming Sorceress to defend the Warrior King. After his brother was heavily wounded by the Golden Knight, the Loyal Soldier was the one that urged the Warrior King to go to war with the Golden Knight for having sex with his wife. Later when the Ambitious Traitor stabbed the Warrior King in the back, he forgave the Golden Knight and made a peace with the Mysterious Lady that both the Warrior King and the Golden Knight can accept. This freed the Warrior King’s army so he could defeat the Ambitious Traitor.

The Scorned Duke

The Scorned Duke is a god originally from a more ancient pantheon. He was the original husband of the Warrior King’s mother, before the Wise Druid took her from him and gave her to the Warrior King’s father in order to create the Warrior King. The Scorned Duke joined forces with the Ambitious Traitor after the Ambitious Traitor declared himself as the new king of the gods.

The Scheming Sorceress

The Scheming Sorceress was once one of the most important enemies of the Warrior King, even before the Uncrowned King. However one day she just stopped harassing him. She wouldn't appeared again until the Warrior King was wounded in his war against the Ambitious Traitor. She healed the Warrior King and as a gift of gratitude was given an island of her own where she could practice spellcraft.

The Wise Druid

The Wise Druid manipulated events to create the Warrior King and was his teacher for a long time. Though one day all but his head was sealed into a tree. Now when the Warrior King needs advice, he has to travel to the tree to ask it.

The Clever Maiden

The Clever Maiden was a girl loved by the Wise Druid. She didn’t want anything to do with him however. She made the Wise Druid teach her many spells and used these spells to seal him into a tree. She is considered as the mother of magic and is credited for giving magic to mortals.

The Black Knight

The Black Knight is a mysterious recent addition to the pantheon. It is said that he was the Ambitious Traitor’s best warrior in the war and bested even the Great Hero.

The Lion Tamer

The Lion Tamer is a traveling god that found an immortal lion. He managed to tame this lion through kindness and rides it into battle.

The Cowardly Lord

The Cowardly Lord was a great villain that held a castle in the land of the gods. He was chased from his home by the Golden Knight and later joined the Ambitious Traitor. His castle was later used as the Golden Knight’s homebase during the war.

The Wounded King

The Wounded King is the ruler of one of the lands of the gods that isn’t directly ruled by the Warrior King. Thanks to a wound to his groin he was unable to rule effectively and his land suffered. He managed to enlist the Grail Knight to heal him and in exchange helped the Grail Knight find his glory.

The Kind Seductress

The Kind Seductress is the wife of the Green Trickster and a servant of the Scheming Sorceress. She attempted to seduce the Loyal Soldier but got no further then a kiss on the cheek. She admired his conviction in not sleeping with another man’s wife and gave the Loyal Soldier a green belt that makes him invulnerable to physical attacks.

The Jeweled Jouster

The Jeweled Jouster is a foreign warrior that has both black and white skin. He is the half-brother of the Grail Knight and serves the Foreign Queen.

The Swan Master

The Swan Master is a mysterious fully armoured figure of unknown gender and origin, but claims family ties to the Grail Knight. The Swan Master sails the seas surrounding the lands of the gods on a boat dragged by giant swans.

The Pretty Jester

The Pretty Jester was a male warrior of the Warrior King’s army who did not care much for fighting at all. After humiliating the Uncrowned King, he drew the ire of the Golden Knight. The Golden Knight beat the Pretty Jester and forced him to wear a dress. After this event the Pretty Jester takes on a more feminine role in the faith and turns out to be really good in traditionally female occupations. At heart he is still a prankster though, and does trick the other gods regularly.

The Spell Knight

The Spell Knight is the older sister of the Black Knight and the only female god that may call herself knight. She appears very early in the faith as a friend of the Scheming Sorceress, but only really got popular as one of the main supporting gods in the stories about the Black Knight.

The Invader King

The Invader King the ruler of one of the lands of the gods that isn’t directly ruled by the Warrior King. He joined the Golden Knight in his war against the Warrior King and at the end of the war was allowed to reign in peace.

The Great Hero

The Great Hero is considered the best of the Warrior King’s soldiers and is pointed to as a symbol of virtue and all that is good. He however is not a very popular god.

The Silver Hero

The Silver Hero is a foreign god that pledged his full allegiance to the Warrior King after defeating the Loyal Soldier and the Grail Knight Knight in battle. He is thought to be an exile god from Zilverrijk. After he kills one of the Warrior King’s long lost enemy kings, he is given the former king’s land to rule in the name of the Warrior King. In one story he gets captured and has to be rescued by a noble lady who acted like a common soldier. He decides to make the Noble Runaway his second-in-command after this.

The Noble Runaway

The Noble Runaway is a noble lady who decides to flee her old life and live as a common soldier. She pretends to be a man for many years till she comes across the Silver Hero who is captured in a magical net. She manages to save and free him. He recognizes her as a girl, but does not fault her for her gender, instead raising her to the leader of his armies and second-in-command of his lands.