Samurai are legendary warriors from Ippo. It is said that any samurai is worth at least hundred normal infantry. These are some of the most notable.

White Samurai

Aranko Mocha, the White Samurai, was one of the most skilled samurai to have ever walked the surface of Tegai. It is said that he possessed Psychic Energy and an indestructible sword. There are many Ipponese stories in which the White Samurai takes on Mandarian champions or Pirate leaders and wins. His final story is quite anticlimactic though, Mocha travels deep into the wilderness to investigate rumors of a swamp monster. In this final story he got tricked by a kappa and had his soul ripped out. It is sometimes said that his disembodied soul still roams the swamp. This story might be a warning against hubris.

Black Samurai

The Black Samurai is a legend of the modern day. Her name is Saruwatari Mayu and she is the daughter of the current Shogun, Saruwatari Hinata. The Black Samurai, also sometimes called the Lone Samurai is a solitary fighter that wields the unbreakable katana that was once owned by the White Samurai. She is also considered a master in Psychic Energy and possesses a living shadow named Kaga. While the White Samurai was killed by a kappa, it is said that the Black Samurai is able to tame them and that she has a pet kappa she calls Hayaranli.