Soffur is famed for its powerful fighters and as such has many legendary soldiers.

Aleksandr Five Star

Aleksandr Igorevich Igorev, also known as Five Star, is the current leader of the soldiers of Soffur. He is known for being corrupt and having the tsar in his pocket. But nobody can dislodge him as he is one of the most powerful fighters of the era. He is known for his pure white armor emblazoned with five golden stars. He wields a spear of pure light.

Seamus O'Donnel

Saemus O'Donnel is a disgraced nobleman from Emerald Isle. He is the right hand man of Five Star. He is a short unassuming redhead who is nontheless a brilliant archer. Saemus leads the research department of the soldiers of Soffur and is working on truely destructive weaponry.


Han Guo, most commonly known as Zhong, is a yellow dwarf in service of Saemus O'Donnel. He is a brilliant martial artist and has defeated many fully armored knights with his bare hands. He prides himself on his complete honesty.

Katrina Maximyevna Nachov

Katrina Maximyevna Nachov is an officer amongst the soldiers of Soffur and is charge of the troops stationed at the border with Zilverrijk. Zilverrijk being the first and only landborder Soffur has ever had, there is a lot that is still being figured out and thus she has to improvise a lot. She fights with a warscythe on horseback and wields a hammer for on-foot fighting. It is said that her ferocity and bulk has drawn the attention and admiration of the Zilveric Prince Hendrik. The two surely seem very close during his travels into Soffur.

Dubravka Dragonvic

Dubravka Damenya Dragonvic is a soldier in service of the secret police. She has been rumored to be involved with Far-East but this remains unproven. Except for this rumor she has proven to be uncorruptable and thus is very trusted by the population.